If You’re a Little Bit Grinchy Like Me…

I know I’ve been absent at A Grim Sense of Style lately; December is a tough one for me .  As always, I’ll be honest with you all and admit that apart from my birthday (God bless Sagittarius season), I practically dread December.  I know that sounds SO Grinchy (I love the Grinch, so I’m really okay if you call me that), but I simply do not resonate with the holiday hype.  For years I’ve attributed this to the past circumstances of life; whether it be family, living situations, working long retail hours…the list goes on.  And with this tainted perspective I feel I take even greater notice to the societal obsession of unrealistic expectations that truly have nothing to do with Christmas at all.  

For the record, I know my perspective will not resonate with most of you, but I also know there are some others JUST LIKE ME hiding behind presents and forced smiles this holiday season.

And if that is you, I’m really excited you’re here.

Here’s the thing-I don’t know if its the magic of this city or what has gotten into me, but I finally realized this year what I’ve been doing wrong for far too long. For years I’ve destroyed every holiday for myself by throwing a pity party over the past and being disappointed in unrealistic expectations.  But I realized something here in the city-even the New Yorkers get into the holiday spirit!  Maybe it’s the colorful lights and trees, or the shorter work weeks (because it’s definitely not the tourists), but New York has a smile on its face.


Inspired by one of my best friends who shared how he celebrates Christmas, I’m doing things a bit differently this year…but with a REAL smile plastered on my face.

My friend recently shared that because his growing family has prior  Christmas day commitments (yes we are at that point in our lives), he wakes up to spend Christmas day solo. But rather than drowning in self pity, he unwraps a gift he bought himself, cooks his favorite meal, treats himself to his favorite beer, and celebrates everything good in his life.  ISN’T THAT AWESOME?

Honestly, when he told me this it put my feelings toward Christmas into prespective.

Christmas isn’t about how much money you have, or buying everyone on your list the most expensive item, or spending the day at a certain location, or with certain people because of expectations.  Rather, Christmas is a time to reflect and be thankful for the incredible people, things, and opportunities we are blessed with DAILY.  Thank God for that!

With a new point of view, I’ve spent this Christmas making new memories, not living in the past.  For starters I’ve spent my Christmas visiting the tourist filled Rockefeller Christmas tree, followed by (a much needed) cosmopolitan with my fiancé, and a Friendmas style dinner and Charlie Brown Christmas watch party with friends.  And though I’ve spent time reflecting on past Christmas traditions (and missing my family of course), it’s the happiest holiday I’ve had in years.   

SO if you’ve been a Grinch like me in holiday past, I invite you to alter your perspective and spend your holidays in a grateful state of mind, no longer in self pity. Whether you celebrate solo, host a Friendmas dinner with others who can’t make it home, or celebrate with family, simply challenge yourself to celebrate with thankfulness in your heart for everything great in your life.  I promise the Christmas music on repeat sounds much better this way too!

P.s. I’ve found Christmas looks and feels a lot better in your favorite holiday gear, wearing the glitziest makeup, with a glass of champagne in hand.  I promise, the annoyingChristmas music on repeat sounds much better this way too!

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Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “If You’re a Little Bit Grinchy Like Me…

  1. Love your post.learned a little more about you both and it helped me feel better tonight.
    I also miss family but I am starting a new path and need to only focus on the new and good parts.
    If people do not like what I do then it us there problems not mine.


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