One daily step to loving YOU

Why is it we women spend the majority of winter and all of spring waiting, wishing, praying for sunny days and sun dresses, yet somehow despise summer too?

I’ve been thinking…

…perhaps it’s not really summer we hate, but the summer clothes?

After all, we complain our shorts are just too short, that wearing dresses cause “chub rub”, and swimsuits show off our cellulite and stretchmarks. Year after year we allow a season we love to be ruined by clothes.

But maybe it’s no fault of the clothes, but of our insecurities.

Sure insecurities arise year round but I’d argue they’re at an all time high during the warm summer months when we’re showing more skin. And I think the worst part about this is more often than not no one other than us notices what it is we are insecure over yet we allow it to overrule our happiness.

Now…I’m not an expert BUT I know when I talk positively not only about my body but TO my body, I love it and the clothes I put on it A LOT more. A powerful change I’ve made in my life is doing just that. Speaking out loud to myself EVERY day with facts and things I love about myself.

I know. It sounds crazy and SUPER vulnerable, right?

YES. And being vulnerable is how we grow.

Every morning before beginning my routine, I take a few minutes to stand in front of the mirror and tell myself OUT LOUD everything positive and beautiful I see. In only my bra and underwear I admire the hip stretch marks and thigh cellulite I exfoliated the night before. I look past my acne scars and giggle while pointing out the freckles sprouting across my nose and cheeks (they always remind me of being a kid). I compliment myself on the slightest definition I’m beginning to recognize in my stomach muscles and of course slap my booty, admiring its shape and lift.

And the conversation with myself goes on, and on, and on…

I know it sounds crazy but once you start telling yourself everything you love about you, it TRULY is hard to stop! In fact, doing this keeps me from creating a mental to-do list every time l look in the mirror and instead I rejoice in the freaking hot bod starring back at me!

It’s absolutely crazy awesome the confidence a little peptalk can give!

What do you love most about yourself?

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