How to Create Inspiring Spaces: College Dorm Edition

by April Hooper

Some days, my to-do list feels like a taunt. All I can do is sit back in my chair, stare out the window, and let my mind wander to avoid all the tasks I have piling up. No matter how good of a writer I am, sometimes the words just don’t come. When my inspiration has run dry, all that is left to do is wait. 

Motivation comes and goes… and goes and goes and goes (trust me, I’m a college student — I get it.) 

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Inspiration in Ordinary Things: Thrifting Edition

by April Hooper

I am a thrifting expert, just ask my friends. I NEVER leave Goodwill empty-handed. Part of the reason is that I love the hunt, and I’m willing to take my time to look through every color-coded rack. It’s also partly because I find thrifting relaxing, not overwhelming. But most importantly, I think thrifting is INSPIRING

Maybe you’re thinking: “But April, how can grandma’s old clothes and shelves full of creepy figurines be inspiring?” 

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