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My 3 Tips to Goal Setting & Achieving

If you’ve ever attended a Ditch the Clique event with me, are a frequent reader here, or follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m ALL about setting achievable goals! And you know goal setting is easy, but ACHIEVING those goals…THAT is the hard part. Truth be told, I’ve experienced MANY missteps before discovering the […]

A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Swimwear

GIRL… MAYBE I’m going out on a limb here, BUT I’m going to take a wild guess that at some point (regardless of your shape, size, race, or age) you’ve cringed at the idea of wearing (or even shopping for) swimwear. And I get it! I’m a curvy girl you can find somewhere between loving […]

3 Summer Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe NOW

When I wrote my Spring Style blog post, I was CERTAIN COVID restrictions were coming to an end! I was confident life would be back to “normal” by summer…and…here we are. Although New York City is on the brink of normalcy with retailers and restaurants slowly reopening (within restriction of course), I’m ready to show […]