So you’ve noticed a few changes here…

YES, things are changing here on the blog but in the VERY best way! Find out how WE are embracing change and our tips for doing so in Rachel’s latest blog post Embracing the Unknown in 2020 (and BEYOND)!

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5 Tips for Staying Motivated During a Mental Health Crisis

by April Hooper My hands are shaking.  Maybe it’s the nerves and anxiety coursing through me (or maybe it’s just the coffee). Either way, when I’m feeling anxious or sad and my mental health is NOT at its best, getting work done is almost impossible. My creativity plummets, and my motivation hides like a good […]

What’s Wrong With Being (Body) Confident?

by: April Hooper Ditch the Clique is ALL about confidence. And for women, BODY confidence is everything! Whether at events or on our social platforms, here at Ditch the Clique we work to remind every woman that her size and appearance have not hold over living the life she dreams! Our SheEO Rachel K. Grim […]

How we celebrate Galentine’s Day….

It’s February! And let’s be real…you likely either love or hate the “month of love”. To be honest with you, over the years I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into this one. Because as someone who struggles around the Christmas holiday season, I find it important to empathize with and support those who […]


Perfection Doesn’t Exist with Effie’s Paper SheEO Kalyn Chandler The REAL Women of 20(20) Podcast

  1. Perfection Doesn’t Exist with Effie’s Paper SheEO Kalyn Chandler
  2. Living a High Gear life with Author, Entrepreneur, & Marketing Maven Anne Deeter Gallaher
  3. GIRL you're a god damn cheetah!