So you’ve noticed a few changes here…

YES, things are changing here on the blog but in the VERY best way! Find out how WE are embracing change and our tips for doing so in Rachel’s latest blog post Embracing the Unknown in 2020 (and BEYOND)!

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Tips for Women in Business With Anne Deeter Gallaher

Twenty years in business… without a business degree.  That is the story of Anne Deeter Gallaher, owner and CEO of the Deeter Gallaher Group, a creative services firm in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  As Anne herself would say, she’s taken a nontraditional path to entrepreneurship. Before having her first son, Anne worked at a publishing house […]

3 tips to start your day in a positive way!

Every New Year it’s the same thing. We’re made to believe as soon as the clock strikes 12:01am, we’re instantly a new and improved version of ourselves! And while becoming the BEST version of you IS possible (especially when surrounded by an inspiring, empowering COMMUNITY), it takes hard work and an even better mindset! GIRL […]

Is Sustainability For You? Q&A with Claire Shay

I don’t know about you, but to me, sustainability is INTIMIDATING. It’s such a broad term that encompasses so much of our everyday lives, from the food we eat to the trash we throw out to our power sources… EVERYTHING! Because of my lack of knowledge, I’ve always been hesitant to venture into that world. […]


Perfection Doesn’t Exist with Effie’s Paper SheEO Kalyn Chandler The REAL Women of 20(20) Podcast

  1. Perfection Doesn’t Exist with Effie’s Paper SheEO Kalyn Chandler
  2. Living a High Gear life with Author, Entrepreneur, & Marketing Maven Anne Deeter Gallaher
  3. GIRL you're a god damn cheetah!