The Ultimate Holiday Guide to Shopping Woman Owned

GIRL it’s almost time for the holiday panic — what am I gifting friends and family? But not this time. We LOVE supporting women’s dreams at DTC, so we’re making holiday shopping *extra* easy.

Keep reading for our guide to the femme-focused and woman -owned brands we’re shopping this holiday season. 

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How Can I Achieve My Dreams When I Struggle to Even Start?

GIRL, I’m going to be honest with you. Here is a list of things I did instead of starting this blog post: 

  • Had a photoshoot 
  • Posted on Instagram 
  • Changed my iphone wallpaper 
  • Scrolled through LinkedIn (that’s how you know I’m desperate)

So TRUST me when I say, I know how hard it can be to start a new project, even a small one. Sometimes, my brain feels overcrowded. It’s like a ping pong match in there — I have too many ideas that are pulling me in a dozen different directions. I feel paralyzed. Other times, I have the opposite problem and it’s like all my ideas have run dry. I have so many things I want to do, but I struggle to start any of them. Why does this happen to me…to US? 

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Best Inspiring Podcasts to Follow

Social media can be an exhausting place. If I spend too long scrolling, I’m left feeling drained, empty, and oftentimes… jealous. I catch myself comparing myself to other people, and it’s hard to stop. That’s why it’s so important to interrupt that endless media consumption with some inspiring content. 

But what should you look for in an inspiring account?

I try to ask myself these 3 questions:

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Inspiration in Ordinary Things: Logging Off the Internet

Some days, my screen time is EMBARRASSING.

And over the past year, that number has only grown. I average 3-4 hours (on my phone) and that’s not even including the hours I spend working on my laptop. You add it all up, and that equals a lot of headaches from staring at a screen, an overwhelming amount of content being created and consumed, and hidden somewhere in the midst of it all — INSPIRATION (at least, that’s the idea.)

The internet is full of so many great things — empowerment, connection, community — but that can be hard to find. And when you’re feeling burnt out and looking for a new spark, the search may leave you feeling more drained than inspired. 

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