A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Swimwear

A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Swimwear


MAYBE I’m going out on a limb here, BUT I’m going to take a wild guess that at some point (regardless of your shape, size, race, or age) you’ve cringed at the idea of wearing (or even shopping for) swimwear.

And I get it! I’m a curvy girl you can find somewhere between loving her thick body and balancing PCOS weight fluctuations, who has ABSOLUTELY had those same cringey moments…

And I’m here to remind you, that it’s okay!We all have THOSE moments, THOSE days. But the key here is to not continually live in those negative feelings, and instead find a way to channel them into LOVING and celebrating your body NOW. Don’t get me wrong…truly learning to love YOU where you are NOW is a process! But as always, I want to share ways I’ve learned to love me in the moment in hopes of making your journey a bit lighter!

Learning to love your body in the NOW is obviously personal and unique to YOU, but one of the ways I’ve learned to love my body is to celebrate my body! By making my body feel special, beautiful, and celebrated means being proud of where I am and how far I’ve come.

& for me that means saying OUT LOUD what I love! It often sounds something like this…

I am proud of these thick thighs and how strong they are. I am proud of this booty and how great it looks in a swim bottom. I am proud of these stretch marks and their story of growth. I am proud of these back rolls that define my hourglass waist. I am proud of these acne scars and the role they played in discovering I have PCOS.

AND because I love my body, I deserve to celebrate my body with clothes that fit and flatter! Forcing my body into items too big or small (or by wearing pieces that make me feel like less than) is not healthy! Instead, finding items that compliment my curves and make me feel like the BEST version of me is KEY.

So GIRL, in hopes of helping YOU love and celebrate YOUR body this summer, here are a few swimwear styles I’m celebrating my body with ALL season long!

Swimwear with Underwire

Honestly, the culprit of my many cringe-worthy swimwear try-on’s is due to lack of underwire! GIRL, I get it…sometimes its nice to not have to wear a bra (or any underwire items), but I personally feel most confident when these 34DDD’s have support! A few of my favorite swimwear styles include the Underwire Bandeau Bikini, the Underwire Halter Swimsuit, and the Underwire Plunge Bikini by Figleaves. Not only are these suits supportive, but after wearing exclusively Figleaves bra’s and underwire swimwear for the past 6 months, I can confidently say I’ve NEVER had those uncomfortable underwire/underarm dents in my skin (YOU KNOW THE PAINFUL ONES!)

High Waist Bikini

Remember when high waist anything was so NOT cool? (Well, you remember if you’re a 90’s kid like me). Obviously that hasn’t been the case for quite sometime, and I’m absolutely okay with that! I love that just like high waist pants, high waist swim bottoms compliment the small of the waist while elongating the leg too! Plus Figleaves REALLY out-did themselves by adding tummy control (or lightweight, breathable, shapewear-like material) to their high waist swim bottoms for extra support and an added boost of confidence!

One Piece Swimsuit

Let’s face it- both on bad days and good, there are simply times your belly doesn’t want to be on display. So having a quality one piece swimsuit in your arsenal is KEY! Personally, I love that Figleaves offers one pieces swimwear in (of course) a variety of styles and sizes, but most importantly with curves in mind. Most of their one piece styles include underwire for support and MY FAVORITE FEATURE tummy control to compliment curves!

Remember: EVERY body is a bikini body

What swimwear style are you most excited to try this season? Let us all know in the comments below!

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*This post is sponsored by Figleaves and Ann Magnin, Inc.

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