Because dressing confidently is for men, too

Styling tips for men from our fashion forward friend, Dave Diaz!

Ditch the Clique — it’s FOR women and BY women right?

Sure, that’s it (for now anyway lol) but that doesn’t mean men don’t need AND deserve inspiring and empowering resources of their own! In fact, we get more inquiries than you’d think from men genuinely interested in the culture we are creating! But because we are such style advocates the question we get most from men is:

Can you tell me how to dress more confidently too?

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All about Ditch the Clique…

I’ll never forget…

In 8th grade my math teacher asked us to write down our goal for the year. My classmates wrote things like “to get good grades”, “make new friends” and “to excel in sports” but I vividly remember writing “to make a positive difference in the life of one person” …and some goals never change.

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