All about Ditch the Clique…

I’ll never forget…

In 8th grade my math teacher asked us to write down our goal for the year. My classmates wrote things like “to get good grades”, “make new friends” and “to excel in sports” but I vividly remember writing “to make a positive difference in the life of one person” …and some goals never change.

All these years later, making a positive impact remains my number one priority with my life AND work. Because whether it’s sharing style tips that inspire you to outwardly express your confidence, OR sharing vulnerable, real-life experiences that encourage you to take that FIRST uncomfortable step in achieving your goals, it’s all worth it for YOU to start living the positive and confident life you dream!

And based on the incredible conversations sparked in Instagram DM’s, Facebook comments, and on the blog, it’s working! But to be honest, I selfishly WANT MORE! I know I am personally validated and empowered to move OUT and UP when I find commonalities with other women also wanting MORE.

And I KNOW I’m not alone!

So because I believe EVERY woman deserves to feel worthy and empowered to follow her dreams, and I know that behind every successful woman is a positive mindset, a confident wardrobe, and a like-minded support system, I’m taking the conversation offline and bringing it to you IN REAL LIFE!

And actually, I already did…

You read that right— on Saturday November 16th, 2019 I hosted Ditch the Clique, my FIRST (of many) events connecting women who are ready to up-level in various areas of life to other inspired women, businesses and brands in their community. Hosted at Little Black Dress in my hometown of Pennsylvania, over 50 women of diverse ages, sizes, races, and career paths stepped outside their comfort zone and into a conversational community of fellow females wanting MORE! And MORE is what they got! Body image and self-confidence boosting hacks, hair, makeup, and hand massages, REAL conversations between REAL women, and outfitting tips inspired ladies to go after what they have been shying away from!

No judgements, no cliques, it was an afternoon of women encouraging women!

Here’s what a few women had to say about life after Ditch the Clique…

I’ve stopped looking at my body and face badly.

I’m allowing myself to be myself and the best me possible.

I’m more positive and living in the moment.

To be honest, you could feel the positive energy and self love at Ditch the Clique! And my friends, this is just the start! I am SO inspired to provide even MORE fab females the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and businesses in their community by bringing Ditch the Clique to MORE cities…starting first with NEW YORK! Of course I want YOU to be involved, so be sure to subscribe to A Grim Sense of Style to receive email updates for dates and tickets.

But in the meantime, no matter where you are, support the women around you…and especially YOU!

3 thoughts on “All about Ditch the Clique…

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