screw “normal” & go your own way

If you follow along with me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should), you’ve likely noticed I’ve traveled from the city home to Pennsylvania a lot recently. I LOVE visiting home BUT there is just something about NYC that makes me feel even MORE at home. It feels like I truly FIT in New York and I love that about this place!

As I shared in my wedding blog, getting to where I am now has been a journey, but over the years I’ve come to terms with the fact that my path is different than most where I’m from. I’ve discovered that it’s okay to both LOVE where I’m from and simultaneously not “belong” there all while not faulting those who choose to be there!

& that truly is a choice…

…a choice that had me questioning for SO long why we as a society take issue with any person, place, or decision that goes against the mold of what society deems “normal“. And I’ve realized it’s ingrained in us…I remember wearing my first pair of hot pink high top converse in 8th grade and being made fun of for them. But I continued to wear them because I LOVED them (and still do). Sure I was just a teenager then but I’ve forever used that as an example when questioning why people ridicule anything “different”.

And even as adults we still make others feel less than by saying things like…

You’re too old to wear that!

Why would you live there?

You should settle down and start a family.

But why?

I mean…I’m not an expert but I’d venture to guess we choose to make people feel bad about their unique decisions on where to live, what to wear, who they date, and where they work because we wish we were confident enough to step out and do something different with our life.

Ouch. That’s a tough pill to swallow right? But GIRL— there is hope!

What if we transformed that negative energy of ridiculing other people to feel better about ourselves and instead cheered on their decisions? That would for sure make us feel better, right? And what if we allowed that newly transformed positive outlook to launch us into OUR next goal that we’ve been resisting for TOO long? DAMN. Imagine how powerful and productive that would be!

Here’s the thing— deep down, we all know it’s simply easier to go with the flow of what has always been done. We won’t receive kick back and the path to “success” is already paved. But the easy way isn’t always the right way— so make the decision to do something different that puts you on the track to where you really want to be! Begin to positively respond to people in your life making “different” decisions outside the societal comfort zone because 1. It’s THEIR life and they’re probably REALLY excited about it and 2. Those positive vibes are sure to come your way as you pave your unique path too!

All in all, I say screw normal and go your own way girl!

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