2 quick tips to dressing for the holidays (without wearing red & green)

By now you probably know my feelings about the holidays (and if you don’t, check out my Christmas blog or IGTV video here).

But just in case you’re all together new here, let me catch you up…

Let’s just say I’m not one to begin celebrating in October or to wear head-to-toe red and green to a holiday event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so much a Grinch as I am a woman celebrating the holidays in her own unique way. For me, that means creating new traditions and sharing memorable moments rather than falling into holiday induced anxiety, debt, and disappointment. Because to be honest, it allows me (and everyone around me) to actually enjoy the holiday!

Y’all know I love embracing my uniqueness regardless of the season and I do so through my wardrobe! So what better way to celebrate the holidays than in an outfit I feel my very BEST in? And because I want YOU to feel comfortable and confident celebrating in YOUR own special way too, I’ve curated a few quick and easy styling hacks with items that aren’t red and green (and are likely already in your closet)!

So if I’m not wearing red or green, what colors do I wear?

A duo I’m obsessed with for the holidays (and EVERYDAY)— silver and gold! Wearing one or both of these colors is a stellar way to look festive without running out to purchase the new red dress or sweater you’ll wear for a single IG post and never again. Often a second thought of holiday styling, silver and gold are a pair who fit the holiday mood and are best worn subtly as a sweater or under a blazer paired with leather pants or black suede leggings. The combo can also be worn in a more standout way— as pants or a dress too! Plus, you’re sure to get more than one wear out of your silver and gold when you style it differently for New Years celebrations, birthdays, and date nights out!

But how do I accessorize?

Earrings, well statement earrings, are my all time favorite accessory and a fab way to dress up a holiday look! Beth Jones of @bjonesstyle recently called earrings “ornaments you actually get to wear” so what better way to accessorize a holiday look, right? Now, I know it may seem like A LOT paired with your already silver and/or gold look but I promise— the goldier and gaudier the earring, the better!!! And to really channel the holiday spirit, opt for a bold, textured, dangling earrings too!

An extra spirited tip to accessorizing for Christmas? Go ahead and add a statement making red lip! It’s the pop of red you’ll actually enjoy wearing!

Well now that you’re inspired, it’s YOUR turn to style up a festive look that is fits YOU! Will you trade in red and green for silver and gold this season? Remember, just as much as the holidays are about expressing your gratitude for the people in your life, it’s also a time for YOU to relax, reflect, and celebrate in your own unique way.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

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