3 Steps to Setting (and Achieving) Goals in 2020

How writing out your dreams into an actionable plan leads to success…

Okay, I know it sounds too easy and very cheesy but when you set goals, write them down, and REALLY plan them out, dreams DO come true!

Let me explain…

It’s 2020! And on New Year’s Day I spent my time reviewing the goals I had set for myself in 2019. WOW, was that ever a rewarding experience! At the start of 2019 I FINALLY applied the advice of SO many successful women; I wrote down my goals. This list of goals spent the entire year prominently displayed on the front of my planner, reminding me of my purpose DAILY. If I’m REALLY honest, this small action truly defined the trajectory of 2019 and led to so much success!

And I want that for 2020, too! I don’t know about you, but at this time next year I’d REALLY love to look back on 2020 feeling even more thankful and proud than I do of 2019. SO, to set both YOU & ME up for MAJOR success, I’ve broken down my dream achieving strategy into 3 Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals in 2020.

1. Celebrate your prior successes

Like I said, sitting down to read the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2019, and comparing them to where I am now, was extremely rewarding. This exercise allowed me to rejoice in my successes (we all deserve to celebrate our hard work!) But PLOT TWIST…this uncovered some serious areas of opportunity and even called me out for lack of progress and THAT’S OKAY!

2. Trash what keeps you from succeeding

When reviewing the six goals set for myself at the beginning of 2019, I was able to confidently check four of those off the list! Woohoo!! But don’t worry, I realize that’s not 100%. But rather than feeling guilty about the two goals I did not achieve in 2019, I dug deep and discovered what kept me from achieving those. The word that continually popped in my mind? “CONSISTENCY.” That’s right. I realized that if I had been more consistent in select areas, I’d be a step closer to achieving those goals also! So on MANY small sheets of paper, I wrote down every. little. thing. that kept me from being consistent in 2019. Habits, people, distractions, etc…I wrote them down and TRASHED THEM. Because they WILL NOT hold me back in 2020!

3. Write down your goals

Reviewing my successes, areas of opportunity, and trashing the habits and mentalities that hold me back from achieving made it SO EASY to write down my goals for 2020. Why? Because I know what I’m capable of. I know what I’ve achieved before, the changes I need to make in order to do MORE, and what I REALLY want. So with my favorite pink pen, I wrote down my goals for 2020. BUT this years list isn’t just a list of seven things I dream of achieving. Because with each goal, I included a step I’m going to take to bring me one step closer to success. A dream written down into actionable steps, is an achievable plan!

Remember— there is no limit to your dreams! Your list of goals can be professional, personal, or a mix of things! You want to achieve your dreams so make a list that caters to YOU! Trust me…my “trip to Paris” is right beside my goal “to be more consistent in ALL areas” and THAT’S OKAY!

What’s the number one goal you’re adding to your list in 2020? And what’s your first step to achieving that?

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