How to attend NYFW with under 5k followers

Be honest…

Have you ever had a dream (a REALLY BIG dream), but zero idea how to make it a reality?

Yeah girl, I get that. In fact, that was me with NYFW.

As a young fashionista, I grew up dreaming of attending NYFW. Between magazines and media coverage, I would obsess over the designers AND the women attending shows. So naturally, as I got older, I did everything I could to figure out how these women attended NYFW. I googled and researched like CRAZY but still felt clueless.

Eventually my years of obsessively researching and networking in the industry taught me the true purpose of NYFW and exactly who it’s for…

Designers. Stylists. Artists. Media. Press. Trend Forecasters and Trendsetters. (And to my luck) Bloggers and Fashion Influencers.

Bloggers?! To this day I still remember the first time I read that bloggers were the new “it girls” at NYFW. And suddenly I thought “THIS IS MY CHANCE!” Sure, at the time my audience was even smaller than it is now, but I knew my worth. I knew my PR background, industry knowledge, my small creative corner of the internet, and love for fashion were all I needed to FINALLY achieve this dream.

And let’s just say the rest is history…

Every season I feel SO beyond blessed to live out my dream of attending NYFW ESPECIALLY because I know there are so many of YOU with the same dream!

Unlike my journey, I want your path to achieving your dream to be smooth. Though I am thankful for everything my hard work has taught me, I want to help you skip the messy, questionable in between.

So to do just that, I’ve joined forces with my blogger bestie, Claire Shay, to collectively create a guide for YOU on How to Attend NYFW with Under 5k Followers. Our downloadable, comprehensive guide walks you through our tried and true pitching and styling methods as well as our tips to navigating shows and getting THE paparazzi shot. It’s nearly 30 pages of insider info I wish I had in my arsenal YEARS ago!

But NOW is YOUR chance! We want to help you achieve YOUR dreams, so shop our guide HERE for only $15.

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