One Item to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

Ahhhh winter…

Is it just me or is winter the BEST yet most difficult season to dress for? I LIVE for layers, but I’m also ALWAYS hot! Temperatures fluctuate like crazy in the city, especially when hopping on and off the subway and back and forth between buildings!

The truth is, I’ve left my Brooklyn brownstone TOO many times wearing too many or too little layers. And let me tell you, I do not regret much but I ALWAYS regret that! But not to worry, I’ve learned from my mistakes and promised myself NO MORE WARDROBE REGRETS making me feel less than in 2020!

So, what is THE addition to my wardrobe saving me this season?


Ground breaking! (props to anyone who gets this Devil Wears Prada reference HA!)

But it’s true! Integrating leather (faux leather, of course!) into my wardrobe has been a game changer for me this season. Sure, I’ve worn leather leggings in the past but leather pants AND leather tops are by far the best discovery I’ve made this year! A trend that’s both FOREVER in style AND warm (but not TOO warm)…SIGN ME UP!

But how exactly does it work for YOU?

Leather is timeless, chic, and goes with just about everything! Whether you’re pairing leather pants casually with a band tee, a sweater or blouse with a leather skirt, or even wearing leather on leather it ALWAYS makes a statement. I personally am loving my leather pants and leather top COMBO when worn together or styled separately. Leather always adds JUST the right amount of edge (and warmth) to any look! But if you’re really looking to mix things up while staying warm, try faux leather in jewel tones; colorful leather is SUPER popular this season.

Yep. It’s that easy! A fun but warm fabric like leather is the ONE item worth adding into your wardrobe this season for it’s trendy versatility and warmth!

Tell me, what leather trend are you most excited to incorporate into your wardrobe?

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