3 Ways to Add Color Into Your Wardrobe

If you’ve followed along here for a few years (THANK YOU) you may remember a time when I wore EXCLUSIVELY black.

DAMN. Was that a sad time…and not just because I only wore ONE color but for my reasoning behind it. Though at the time I would have claimed to dress in all black because it was “trendy“, I REALLY only wore black because I was hiding my emotions and destructive thoughts behind that color and under those clothes. Though I had ALWAYS sought to stand out, I wanted to blend in. Because…

I did not feel worthy of more.

I THANK GOD for the realization, months of self reflection, and motivation from my mentors that pushed me through my LOWEST points and built me into who I am today.

New-found self worth fell hand in hand with a new wardrobe. But I’ll be honest…when I made the transition from wearing all black EVERYDAY to my now colorful wardrobe, it was definitely a process and (to be honest) a bit of a challenge.

SO whether you’re like I was (you know, climbing out of an all black everyday rut) or simply looking to add more color to your closet, I’ve compiled a few tips to comfortably stepping outside your color comfort zone!

Colorful Clothes

Since you’re JUST introducing more color into your wardrobe, you’re likely not ready to wear head to toe red (or even a bold blue blazer) and THAT’S OKAY. Instead, I’d suggest opting for an overall neutral look with pops of color. So pair a playful tee with denim or a single shade, colorful blouse with black bottoms. This way, you’re comfortable in neutral tones while still casually playing with color!

Playful Accessories

If wearing a colorful tee or blouse is too bold of a start for you, consider colorful accessories! A colorful cross body bag, bold earrings, or even a bold belt are subtle but standout ways to play with color! I love this black and red buckle belt to spice up a look like this or even to add shape and color to a neutral tee shirt dress!


Another subtle way to add color to a look? MAKEUP! I personally LOVE mixing up my typical makeup routine by sporting a bold lip or colorful eye. Try a color complimentary to your eyes, skin tone, or to the colors you’re wearing. My green eyes and pink undertones are perfectly highlighted when I add bold reds into my makeup routine!

Are you ready to add more color into YOUR wardrobe? Where do you plan to start?

All photos by Amy Morse Photography.

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