3 Ways to Add Color Into Your Wardrobe

If you’ve followed along here for a few years (THANK YOU) you may remember a time when I wore EXCLUSIVELY black.

DAMN. Was that a sad time…and not just because I only wore ONE color but for my reasoning behind it. Though at the time I would have claimed to dress in all black because it was “trendy“, I REALLY only wore black because I was hiding my emotions and destructive thoughts behind that color and under those clothes. Though I had ALWAYS sought to stand out, I wanted to blend in. Because…

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My January Monthly Style Roundup

Remember my New Years blog post, the one challenging myself to be more financially sound? Can I tell you that I’ve also resolved to step outside of the box with my style this year, and you know what that means…more new clothes (SIGH). Is this a win-win or fail hard senario? I have yet to decide.

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