New Year, New(ish) Wardrobe: MUST Shop Semi Annual Sales

I know it’s cliche to say but seriously…how is it 2019? This holiday season was a whirlwind AND honestly the very best yet. I firmly believe in foreshadowing, and this season has simply been preparation for an incredible year ahead.

As you may remember from my NYE post, I’ m challenging myself to be more timely in 2019 and to start off right, I spent New Year’s Day physically writing out all of my goals for the year. Afterall, they say the first step to achieving your goal is writing it down and reciting it. In addition to timeliness and continuing on track with my health goals, I’ve set other goals including focusing on my finances, and (most importantly) taking A Grim Sense of Style to the next level (but that’s a story for another time).

So with finances being an area I want to improve upon in 2019, I figure why not start off by saving a little money…by shopping sales!!! Ah I know, probably not the best way to start this goal but hey, I promise what I don’t spend on my favorite semi annual sales, I’ll save.

But what semi annual sales are worth the time spent rumaging through sale racks and endlessly scrolling online?

Whether you’re looking to save money in the New Year or simply love a good sale, I’ve curated a collection of must shop semi annual sales happening RIGHT NOW! Shopping a semi annual sale is the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe as well as great time to pick up quality essentials and statement pieces at great prices. It is also an excuse to stock up on those pieces you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t justify paying their full price.


Sweaters are an excellent piece to collect during a semi annual shopping spree! Whether paired with leather leggings, a fitted dress, or cute and casual boyfriend jeans, having a good sweater in your wardrobe is key for a cozy but put together look. Plus, all of these H&M sweaters are under $20 during the semi annual sale!

In reviewing my wardrobe for the New Year, I’ve realized the lack of diversity I have in long sleeve tops. To expand my look, I’m opting for feirce styles with delicate lace embellishment, like these pieces currently on sale at H&M.


Let me be honest, I am a sucker for EXPRESS denim. Almost always I can find both the perfect stretchy fit for my curves AND the right length for my short legs! I never miss an EXPRESS denim sale; even though I may not wear super destressed denim or white jeans until the spring season, I can’t help but stock up on my favorites at semi annual prices.


This goes out to all my fellow 20-something ladies out there…

Do you ever walk into Anthropologie, feel as though it is your dream home, closet, and kitchen in one, yet you can’t even afford to buy a spoon they sell? Well, if you relate to me on that, the semi annual sale (or red tag sale as they like to call it) is the perfect time to stock up! Becuase the bohemian printed clothing brands by Anthropolige aren’t exactly my style, I particularly shop their jewerly. I’m currently OBSESSED with subtle monogram pieces (thank you Carrie Bradshaw) and am beyond excited to wear the Anthropologie R necklace.

Now go on, get shopping before these semi annual sales come to an end next week! And don’t forget to share your New Year goals as well as your sale finds with me in the comments below and on Instagram @RachelKGrim.

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