*Attempting* to be Timely for NYE (and 2019)

Chatting with my mom the other day, she reminded me what a last minute/procrastinator I CAN be.  Honestly I took the accusation quite personally (acting as if I wasn’t already aware).  For a second I let those words creep in (that second can do a lot of damage) and  began to question my self worth on the small fact that I tend to arrive exactly on time or 5 fashionable minutes late to almost everything.  My poor mother-she taught me to be at least 25 minutes early, always.

But here is the thing about me. 

I might show up late, and half of the time I only have a very basic plan, but (as my best friend kindly helped me realize) that is likely because I live life positively.  Over and over again I give myself just 45 minutes to get ready, hopeful that THIS TIME I will be ready early and will even catch the right train…and religiously, it takes me an hour and I’m late (ladies, raise your hand if you know winged eye liner can not be rushed!) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to appear careless with my time (in fact I often care TOO much), but what is so wrong with spontaneity amongst a schedule?  I’d venture to say that is one of the reasons my friends asked me to “plan“NYE…it’s always an adventure.

With 2019 just around the corner and resolutions looming, I’ve made the decision to CHANGE nothing about myself in the New Year, but rather CHALLENGE myself to simply adapt and improve in certain areas.  Thus one of my areas of focus in the New Year is time management.  Now, this is not me planning to be 25 minutes early to everything (sorry mom), but simply a challenge to improve my scheduling by planning *a little* more.  Who knows, I may even set my alarm  5 minutes early (HA!)

I do believe there is one area of my life my friends and family would agree I am ALWAYS timely…knowing exactly what to wear.  I CAN’T STAND not having outfits preplanned; not knowing what I am going to wear to an event or on even on a daily basis destroys me!  SO to keep y’all from experiencing a meltdown NYE (we’ve all been there), here are a few outfit options whether you’re staying in or going out this NYE.

This NYE, two of my best friends are traveling to NYC and we are beyond excited to experience our first New York New Year. Planning to sip champagne at a local Brooklyn fav, I’ll be found in this fabulous gold wrap dress I scored at the bi-annual Zara sale! Being a curvy girl, I love that this wrap dress cinches at the smallest part of my waist to flatter my figure. Though this specific piece has since sold out, here are some similar options perfect for ringing in 2019!

Metallic NYE Dresses Under $40

Metallic NYE Jumpsuits Under $20

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