GIRL, it’s OKAY to celebrate YOU!

Okay, so I know I am LITERALLY the host of Ditch the Clique, but I always leave the event (both in person and online) SO inspired too. I mean, the realizations and revelations by women attending are BEYOND! Most recently, I took notice to how many women mentioned they are ashamed to celebrate their successes. But they’re not ashamed because they feel their successes aren’t good enough. Instead they’re worried about what others will think or say about them celebrating!

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Overcoming Circumstance

Turning disadvantage into advantage.

I’m about to get REALLY REAL with y’all and talk about something I’ve NEVER discussed on A Grim Sense of Style. Actually, I’ve hardly talked about it with even the closest people in my life. But I’m sharing this story with YOU in hopes that it brings you encouragement to push through the “circumstances” you have allowed to hold you back.

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*Attempting* to be Timely for NYE (and 2019)

Chatting with my mom the other day, she reminded me what a last minute/procrastinator I CAN be.  Honestly I took the accusation quite personally (acting as if I wasn’t already aware).  For a second I let those words creep in (that second can do a lot of damage) and  began to question my self worth on the small fact that I tend to arrive exactly on time or 5 fashionable minutes late to almost everything.  My poor mother-she taught me to be at least 25 minutes early, always.

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3 Reasons to Transition Jumpsuits into Your Fall Wardrobe


There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you feel the seasons click.
-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Fall is in the air-or at least on everyone’s mind. The ever popular pumpkin spice flavored favorites have returned to Starbucks, Halloween everything is flooding the grocery store (GOD BLESS CANDY CORN), and Instagram feeds are rapidly transforming from floral to fall. And as much as I would love to say I am not a part of this, I must admit I just recently found myself splurging on sweaters and boots at TJMaxx (oops!).

Fall Mustard Jumpsuit 5

So it’s time to pack away those go-to summer items until next year, right?


Well, sort of…

If you know me, or have simply checked out A Grim Sense of Style, you likely know I LOVE jumpsuits (but seriously, I LIVE for them!).  Luckily jumpsuits are more popular than ever!  AND the best news is, this summer jumper romance of mine can transition perfectly into a fall wardrobe.

Check out my top three reasons for adding jumpsuits to YOUR closet this fall.

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