GIRL, it’s OKAY to celebrate YOU!

Okay, so I know I am LITERALLY the host of Ditch the Clique, but I always leave the event (both in person and online) SO inspired too. I mean, the realizations and revelations by women attending are BEYOND! Most recently, I took notice to how many women mentioned they are ashamed to celebrate their successes. But they’re not ashamed because they feel their successes aren’t good enough. Instead they’re worried about what others will think or say about them celebrating!

And if I’m being honest, this broke my heart a bit!

Because trust me, I’ve been there…a negative state of mind caring more about the opinions of others (perhaps even people you don’t know) more than your own? Yeeeaaahhh…that’s a not so great place to be!

But I get it, praise and a pat on the back from others (especially those you care about or worse, people you WANT to care about you) is a REALLY great feeling. But do you know what feels even better? Knowing that you worked so hard to achieve a goal YOU set for YOU and that YOU achieved that goal yourself and for yourself…now THAT is a feeling of accomplishment no one but YOU can give YOU!

So why not celebrate that?

Listen, I know it may be easier said than done…and that’s likely because it is. It’s hard work to get to a place of caring most about what you think about you (while also being mindful to consider the important ones in your life). But it’s worth it, I promise!

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