3 Reasons to Transition Jumpsuits into Your Fall Wardrobe


There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you feel the seasons click.
-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Fall is in the air-or at least on everyone’s mind. The ever popular pumpkin spice flavored favorites have returned to Starbucks, Halloween everything is flooding the grocery store (GOD BLESS CANDY CORN), and Instagram feeds are rapidly transforming from floral to fall. And as much as I would love to say I am not a part of this, I must admit I just recently found myself splurging on sweaters and boots at TJMaxx (oops!).

Fall Mustard Jumpsuit 5

So it’s time to pack away those go-to summer items until next year, right?


Well, sort of…

If you know me, or have simply checked out A Grim Sense of Style, you likely know I LOVE jumpsuits (but seriously, I LIVE for them!).  Luckily jumpsuits are more popular than ever!  AND the best news is, this summer jumper romance of mine can transition perfectly into a fall wardrobe.

Check out my top three reasons for adding jumpsuits to YOUR closet this fall.

  1. Regardless of the season I’m ALWAYS warm, so I shop for jumpsuits made of lightweight, breathable materials.  Jumpers with a cap sleeve, tank style or even sleeveless top are also a go-to.  Not only are styles like these great for hot blooded girls like me, but they are PERFECT for transitioning from the warmer weeks of fall to brisker autumn days.  Pieces like these also layer incredibly with a denim jacket or blazer or even a form fitted top underneath!
  2. These styling options lead perfectly into reason number 2 jumpsuits are the best transition into fall: multiple outfits.  With Instagram ruling the social world, we declare outfit repeating the worst crime BUT let’s be honest-we ALL do it and IT’S OKAY!  Make a repeated jumpsuit fresh and new not only by layering with tops and jackets, but with a variety of accessories including belts and shoes.  I picked up this jumpsuit for a fall wedding but wear it casually with boots for walking around the city
  3. And speaking of comfort while exploring the city…let’s hear it for reason number 3 for transitioning summer jumpsuits into a fall wardrobe! Isn’t fall simply a continuation of our summer adventures?  For those adventurous fall weekends of pumpkin patches, bike rides, and picnics, jumpsuits offer ease and comfort when styled with boots or chunky sneakers while staying incredibly trendy.


BONUS: MY short and curvy girls-I’ve truly found jumpsuits to be unbelievably flattering to my figure (highlighting my shape and elongating my legs)!  Never allow size or shape to keep you from trying what may be your new favorite style!

Fall Mustard Jumpsuit 7

Do you love a good jumpsuit? I dare you to transition it from summer to fall or style your newest jumpsuit a variety of ways from September to November!  What is your favorite way to wear your go-to jumpsuit?  Check out a few of my favorite fall jumpsuit styles.


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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Transition Jumpsuits into Your Fall Wardrobe

    1. Thank you so much! I agree, jumpsuits can be a transition when you first start wearing them but are a life (and wardrobe) changer! So glad you like it! I would love to check out what you’re working on, thank you!


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