8 years later I (FINALLY) Married my Best Friend but it wasn’t always easy…

8 years later I (FINALLY) Married my Best Friend but it wasn’t always easy…

It still is SO crazy to believe that after 8 years together and a 4 year long engagement, I FINALLY married my best friend. And as excited as I am to share details of our intimate celebration, I am more excited to FIRST share with you our journey to getting here.

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EVERY outfit I wore and show I attended this season!

At the close of every New York Fashion Week season I am continually overwhelmed with emotions! I am so grateful to be a part of such a creative and inspirational industry and am even more thankful for THIS community created by each of you!

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How to Dress for Fashion Week

How to Dress for Fashion Week

My tips and tricks to outfitting for fashion week that can be used everyday, too!

*Featuring some of my favorite looks of fashion weeks past!

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From London to New York- TopShop IT @ Nordstrom

From London to New York- TopShop IT @ Nordstrom

So if you’ve visited A Grim Sense of Style before, you likely know my obsession with New York City.  BUT did you know that before New York there was London?  That’s right. Flash back four and a half years (it’s crazy to think it was that long ago!)- I was living abroad while studying at the UAL: London College of Fashion. I would not trade that experience for the world!

London had its tough moments.  My school was on Oxford Street where ALL the high end retailers were located, so I’m sure you can imagine my struggle as a broke student.  But of course, I didn’t let that stop me!  Like clockwork after fashion class I would pop in the stores to simply collect inspiration.  As a true fashionista I am unashamed to admit this remains one of my favorite memories.

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4 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

4 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

Okay, let me start by saying this is not the post I had planned to share with you today (or at all really).  Because if I’m being honest, this is a space of confidence and all happy things.

But recently, I’ve realized something…

It’s okay to have a bad day.

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Under $20

Last Minute Halloween Costume Under $20

Ah, it is the best time of year…that’s right, HALLOWEEN!  I LOVE Halloween (let’s be honest, I love any occasion to dress over the top and go full glam)!  Every year, I attempt to out-do my prior year’s costume, so I truly can’t wait to share this weekend’s look with y’all!

But in the meantime, I have put together a last minute, budget friendly Halloween costume for those who love to celebrate, but perpetually forgo costume prep until the day before (you know who you are).

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Autumn Essentials Part 3: Fall Patterns

Autumn Essentials Part 3: Fall Patterns

If you know me or have visited A Grim Sense of Style before, you’re likely shocked to see Part 3 in this series revolves around patterns…we all know I’m obsessed with neutrals!

BUT there is a time and place for everything and if you’re like me, you will find this fall season the perfect time to introduce new items into your wardrobe!

Fall Leopard Print 1

Because I know what it is like to not always love the way you look in certain patterns, prints, and colors I’ve challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zone this season and find those I DO love to wear.

Can we do this together?

I have curated a collection of fall patterns in a variety of styles suitable to every wardrobe so we can conquer our fear of prints together!

Autumn Animal Print


Okay I know I JUST stated that I never wear print (and that is true); however I should have said I never wear print UNLESS it is leopard.  For as long as I can remember I have LOVED to wear leopard print, and I am so pleased at its popularity this season!  I didn’t waste any time kicking off fall fashion early in a leopard print dress for SS19 Fashion Week, and haven’t stopped wearing the print since.  Certainly for Fashion Week my choice was a bit more bold where as on a typical day I prefer a more subtle dose of leopard.  I love that these Design Lab leopard print denim (they are currently on sale for $23!) add texture to this look but in a delicate way.  The print is subtle enough that even paired with the color blocking of this duster jacket it remains classic.  This look is perfect for both a casual work environment as well as a weekend of shopping in the city!


Though is it more popular this season, leopard has always been a go to print for women.  However, python is the latest animal print trend hitting the scene this autumn season! Unlike leopard print, I personally find this pattern to be best suited for my wardrobe in the form of shoes and boots (I am still kicking myself for passing by the python boots I discovered on clearance last season but was too afraid to rock!!! Moral of the story, never let fear stop you!) Here are some understated but fierce ways to confidently wear python print this season.

Fall Floral

And if I’m being honest, I’m loving more than just animal print this season!  Here I go again with the shock factor…I NEVER wear floral, BUT I am loving floral in autumn shades for fall.  Whether full on floral prints in tops and winter dresses (hello Autumn Essentials Part 2!) or floral embroidered denim, fall floral is the perfect combination of femininity and fierceness!

BONUS: Fellow style blogger (and RACHEL!!!) at RAW Design Blog has also curated a list of patterned autumn essentials BUT on a very specific budget.  Check out her fall wardrobe suggestions in her Falling for Fall on a Budget collection here.

So what do you think…can we rock these prints together?  What is your go to print for autumn?  Or what pattern do you feel most confident in throughout the year?

Be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to emails to catch the other unbeLEAFable (see what I did there?) fall essentials I have planned for all of you (with a BONUS Halloween post coming soon)!  Stay up to date with my latest feel-GREAT tips when you subscribe to emails from A Grim Sense of Style, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.