All about Ditch the Clique…

I’ll never forget…

In 8th grade my math teacher asked us to write down our goal for the year. My classmates wrote things like “to get good grades”, “make new friends” and “to excel in sports” but I vividly remember writing “to make a positive difference in the life of one person” …and some goals never change.

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8 years later I (FINALLY) Married my Best Friend but it wasn’t always easy…

It still is SO crazy to believe that after 8 years together and a 4 year long engagement, I FINALLY married my best friend. And as excited as I am to share details of our intimate celebration, I am more excited to FIRST share with you our journey to getting here.

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EVERY outfit I wore and show I attended this season!

At the close of every New York Fashion Week season I am continually overwhelmed with emotions! I am so grateful to be a part of such a creative and inspirational industry and am even more thankful for THIS community created by each of you!

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