Sneakers & The City

Isn’t it funny how people often know you’re on your way to your dreams before you do?  I vividly remember telling my coworkers in Philadelphia I was moving to New York City, and conveyed my excitement  but expressed more nerves than anything.  And I will never forget when one of my coworkers said “who are you kidding, you’ve KNOWN you’re meant to be there!  New York is YOUR place!”

and to tell you the truth, I haven’t looked back since.

During the years spent dreaming of being a New Yorker (and by years I mean YEARS!) I lived for visits to the city as well as for reruns of my all time favorite show, Sex & The City.  I spent college nights living vicariously through Carrie as she trotted down Manhattan streets in Manolo Blahniks while planning my next outfit around the latest New York trends.  Flash forward and just as my coworker said, New York has since become my place where those day dreams are coming true!

But since becoming a New Yorker I’ve discovered a harsh reality…

Sex & The City lied to me!


Okay, not about everything but about the important things…

But most importantly, HEELS!!!!  Allow me to explain…

Upon moving to the city I quickly realized (AFTER destroying my feet and my favorite pair of heels amidst a night out) that it is rare to spot New York women walking down the sidewalk in stilettos.  Sure, they may be wearing the season’s latest styles to quickly grab lunch between meetings, or while exiting an Uber to Spring Studios for Fashion Week, but never for extended periods of time.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news to my fellow Sex & The City day dreamers, but no true New York woman wears heels around the city on a daily basis.  The reality is a Sex & The City lifestyle for a New Yorker looks more like Sneakers & The City.

Though one of my New York dreams was crushed with this realization, I now praise New York sidewalks for forcing me to consider sneakers.  Let’s be honest, the reincarnation of the chunky dad sneaker started somewhere and I’d bet it was in New York by a woman who just walked 5 blocks in uncomfortable shoes just to look good.  But we all know half of looking good is feeling good, so thankfully modern New York women have declared sneakers cool!  Literally EVERY trendy fashionista I admire on the subway is wearing a version of clunky white sneakers or trendy slides paired perfectly with her look.  And I’ve honestly never wanted to wear sneakers more than I do now!


Here is how I style a few of my favorite pairs of sneakers and slides that fashionably get me through a day walking around the city.  I’d like to think they’re Carrie approved!

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