Don’t Forget to Pack THIS for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Don’t Forget to Pack THIS for a Winter Weekend Getaway

WHERE I’m headed, WHAT I’m packing, and WHY I need these to be my best self!

You all know I am OBSESSED with every season and adventure that crosses my New York City path! BUT with spring break quickly approaching (adults spring break too, right?), the idea of escaping this city for a winter weekend getaway is RULING my thoughts lately. So to relax and re-energize I’m heading on an adult spring break, winter weekend getaway to Mount Snow, Vermont!

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4 Fab Ways to Spend a NYC Winter Day

4 Fab Ways to Spend a NYC Winter Day

Chatting over dinner last evening, my fiancé mentioned how depressing daily life can seem post holiday season, especially in these short daylight days. Getting back into a routine post holiday excitement (while knowing your next 4 day weekend likely will not happen until Memorial Day) can be brutal and feel stale. And I think most of us can agree, he is not wrong


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New Year, New(ish) Wardrobe: MUST Shop Semi Annual Sales

New Year, New(ish) Wardrobe: MUST Shop Semi Annual Sales

I know it’s cliche to say but seriously…how is it 2019? This holiday season was a whirlwind AND honestly the very best yet. I firmly believe in foreshadowing, and this season has simply been preparation for an incredible year ahead.

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3 Winter Coat Styles Under $150

3 Winter Coat Styles Under $150

Let me be honest-I picked up this jacket on sale last winter season but isn’t she a beauty?  Throughout the chilly months over the past year, I’ve received countless compliments and questions on the faux fur leopard coat so I’m excited to finally share it with all of you!  BUT not only am I sharing this trendy fur, I’m also leaving a list of my favorite winter coats at the best prices for the chilly weather.

Plus, stick around for some tips on exploring one of my favorite NYC views!

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Autumn Essentials Part 1: Boyfriend Blazers

Autumn Essentials Part 1: Boyfriend Blazers

Can we all agree we are living in the best season of the year?  On an average day the temperature stays between 60 and 70 degrees, both a sweater and shorts can be worn in the same day (but not together of course), and there is less sweating waiting for the subway (notice I say LESS sweating).

LOVE fall and know you all do as well!  But one thing is for sure-I’ve heard from many of you that fall is simultaneously your favorite yet most difficult season to style.  That seems so unfair seeing as half of feeling your best is looking your best!  So to keep fall at the top of everyone’s list, I’ve put together the autumn essentials styling series.  Featuring my fall favorites, this series focuses on pieces that are interchangeable between business casual and weekend wear.

And the best news is, YOU’RE ALREADY HERE so let’s get started…

Fall Wardrobe Essentials Blazer 1

You may recall from my jumpsuit confessional that I am ALWAYS hot (I know, gross right?), so I love the cooler temperatures and breeze of fall.  But the season’s super cool mornings followed by scorching afternoons are more common than not.  That is why my NUMBER 1 essential perfectly interchangeable between work and play this season is the boyfriend blazer.  This total GIRL-POWER style blazer is a layering essential transitional from morning to evening, from dressier work events to casual happy hours, and styled perfectly with a top and bottom or even a dress! Also notice this look is styled with jeans seeing as many of you are able to wear denim for work (LUCKY), but I have included options for those of us not so fortunate, too!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials Blazer 2

As if this blazer is not perfect enough on its own, layering with this basic dressy Express tee completes the style.  Both super trendy and lightweight, this top provides breathability beneath the blazer.  It is also still professional when worn alone and can dress up a casual weekend look as well!

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3 Reasons to Transition Jumpsuits into Your Fall Wardrobe

3 Reasons to Transition Jumpsuits into Your Fall Wardrobe


There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you feel the seasons click.
-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Fall is in the air-or at least on everyone’s mind. The ever popular pumpkin spice flavored favorites have returned to Starbucks, Halloween everything is flooding the grocery store (GOD BLESS CANDY CORN), and Instagram feeds are rapidly transforming from floral to fall. And as much as I would love to say I am not a part of this, I must admit I just recently found myself splurging on sweaters and boots at TJMaxx (oops!).

Fall Mustard Jumpsuit 5

So it’s time to pack away those go-to summer items until next year, right?


Well, sort of…

If you know me, or have simply checked out A Grim Sense of Style, you likely know I LOVE jumpsuits (but seriously, I LIVE for them!).  Luckily jumpsuits are more popular than ever!  AND the best news is, this summer jumper romance of mine can transition perfectly into a fall wardrobe.

Check out my top three reasons for adding jumpsuits to YOUR closet this fall.

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