My January Monthly Style Roundup

Remember my New Years blog post, the one challenging myself to be more financially sound? Can I tell you that I’ve also resolved to step outside of the box with my style this year, and you know what that means…more new clothes (SIGH). Is this a win-win or fail hard senario? I have yet to decide.

But seriously, this year I’ve challenged myself to no longer giving into the comfortability of continually wearing all black (not that there is anything wrong with wearing black, I’m just looking to be more colorfully creative). So to hold myself to this challenge and to let all of you in on the latest trends at killer prices, I’m sharing with you my Monthly Style Roundup of the latest additions to my wardrobe.

Check out my January Style Roundup below!

Chunky Boots

I know, I know, I JUST said I’m not wearing black but I think these Dr. Martens are the perfect exception (right?). Chunky boots and particularly Dr. Martens are certainly not new to the style scene. Funny enough, Docs are as old as our parents (you’re welcome, mom)! However I first remember falling in love with Dr. Martens while living in London five years ago. And after years of debating the investment, they are finally MINE!  Though orignally created to offer the optimum support and comfort, I personally find the chunky style boot chic and edgy. Sure, my feet feel 110x better walking the NYC sidewalks but I’d like to think I look fab while doing so! Currently, I am wearing the Dr. Martens Rometty which pairs perfectly with denim, a suit and even adds a bit of grunge to a skirt or dress. Dr. Martens are certainly an investment but absolutely worth it (trust me, I’ve literally worn them EVERY DAY since they arrived).

Shop Here:

Colorful Trousers

Keeping with a chic yet edgy vibe, I’m loving the women’s trouser trend and apparently you all are too! I received an incredible amount of questions on the gram regarding both my burnt orange and olive trousers and now I AM DELIVERING! I love that these trousers are loose enough for movement at my curves but cinch perfectly to flatter my waist with a belt. Paired perfectly with a cute blouse or casual tee, these trousers add that creative pop of color I’m going for without being TOO loud (hey, we all have to start somewhere). Did I mention I picked up each pair for under $20?

What trends are you loving this season?

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3 thoughts on “My January Monthly Style Roundup

  1. What kind of shoes can you wear with those trousers that aren’t heeled sandals? That’s what most pictures have, but what would you recommend for snowy winters?


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