Sunday Scaries & Selfcare Sunday

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed our millennial “living for the weekend” mentality? Recenlty I’ve been thinking about how we work 5 days a week with our sole motivation being to reach the weekend–when we do, we spend the weekend dreading the work week ahead. It’s a vicious cycle causing us to live in a constant state of longing and anxiety.

Why is this? We don’t (all) hate our jobs. Some of us even love them, yet we destroy a beautiful Sunday dreading what is to come. We live in a constant state of “Sunday Scaries”.

And I’m over it.

Celebrating my birthday on a Sunday afternoon at the fabulous Premier 57 in Manhattan, I finally relaized how tired I am of spending my weekends in a scary state. My fiancé and I left the luxury spa uber relaxed, refreshed, and (honestly) excited to take on the week ahead. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering—what was so different about THAT Sunday which made walking into the week ahead so much more exciting? And I’ve come to the realization it was the fact that I spent so much time focusing on ME. Okay maybe that sounds selfish but even the most extraverted extravert needs some ME time.


So lately, to truly relax during the weekend and enter into the week refreshed, I embraced the #selfcaresunday trend. After a fashionable Saturday spent exploring the city, I specifically set aside a few Sunday hours to reflect on my goals for the week, allow my mind to escape in a book or Netflix binge (hello Riverdale), and my body to relax.

And because I can’t go to the spa every weekend, I allow my body to relax at (what I like to call) Spa Rachel (HA)! Seriously though, I relax my body and skin with refreshing and rejuvenating scrubs and regimens.

Check out a few of my favorites below (all listed in order of use)! And tell me below how you rejuvenate for the week ahead!

Body Scrubs, Booty Masks, & Biossance

I firmly believe relaxing is a full body experience, but I’m personally not a bubble bath kind of girl. Instead, I treat myself to a full body scrub! My favorite body (and face) treatment is the Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub. I originally purchased this vegetarian, willow bark scrub for my PCOS induced acne, but have found it most beneficial used head to toe! It exfoliates, NEVER irritates, and leaves my skin crazy soft. Did I mention it is under $10!!!

To follow up this killer scrub, I continue to relax with both a face and booty mask! Again, focusing on troubled acne spots, I apply my favorite Yes to Tomatoes detoxifying charcoal peel-off face mask. This face mask literally peels away acne inducing dirt and oil leaving skin clearer almost immediately after! Just be sure to moisturize after! Meanwhile, I use the Anese Down With the Thickness mask on my booty. Okay, you might laugh but trust me, it’s amazing! This first of its kind, Kaolin clay mask uses collagen and vitamin B to detoxify, soften and plump the booty all at the same time.

Ladies, I’ve tried SO many masks and this face and booty mask combo are by far my favs! Do you have a fav mask you suggest trying?

Continuing on my #selfcaresunday journey, I focus on my face and show some much needed TLC using Biossance. Though I utilize Biossance Eye Gel and Rose Oil regimen twice daily, I particuarly love using it post body srub and mask on a Sunday. I’ve noticed the Biossance Squalane Vitamin C Rose Oil firms and evens my skin, but must admit the Squalane & Peptide Eye Gel has literally changed my life! Reducing undereye circles and puffiness, my tiredness from the week before vanishes! Sure concealer definitely helps BUT I promise, I’ve noticed a REAL difference under my eyes since using the regimen! Plus, this Biossance duo is Sephora green certifed!

How do you spend your #selfcaresunday?

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