4 Fab Ways to Spend a NYC Winter Day

Chatting over dinner last evening, my fiancé mentioned how depressing daily life can seem post holiday season, especially in these short daylight days. Getting back into a routine post holiday excitement (while knowing your next 4 day weekend likely will not happen until Memorial Day) can be brutal and feel stale. And I think most of us can agree, he is not wrong


So to keep from FOMO or feeling mundane, my fiancé and I decided to reinstate a rule we made this summer and took into fall, but lost in the holiday hustle—to explore a different area of the city every weekend.

This got me thinking about all the areas of the city I’ve truly taken the time to enjoy, which areas I love (or don’t), and which have my favorite activities and (of course) food. So to break up the winter season blues, I’ve put together a list of 4 Fab Ways to Spend a New York City Winter Day.

But first, WHAT DO WE WEAR for a day out and about in the city?

There are two things I’ve found to be absolute truth since becoming a New Yorker.

1. You walk a lot and you walk EVERYWHERE (regardless of the weather).

2. Everyone wears structured black pieces always, BUT people appreciate a fashionable pop of color done right!

Now, let’s continue…

Since grabbing this fierce winter trench from Shein (that is only $41 by the way) I have received SO many compliments. But not only were these compliments on social media, but also from strangers on the sidewalk too! That’s right, fellow New Yorker’s like this trench enough to actually tell me…I know, shocking. My theory—everyone in the city is used to the sea of black jackets walking down the street and this structured-with-a-twist jacket adds a bit of flair to a traditional trench. And to spice it up more? A statement hat paired with the statement jacket. I promise this combo makes walking the windy winter sidewalks much more fabulous.

And now that we’re dressed for the occassion, let’s explore NYC!

1. Watch the sunrise over Manhattan from the Brooklyn bridge.

What’s my favorite memory since moving to NYC (I have A LOT of favorites but this takes the cake)? My favorite would be the summer night my friends and I danced the night away at Club Marquee, left to have breakfast at a local diner, and proceeded to walk across the Brooklyn bridge at sunrise. We were exhausted but we all agree it was SO worth it.

But staying up all night sounds painful right? Instead, take a brisk winter morning and head to the Brooklyn Bridge (warm drink in hand) for sunrise. That’s exactly what my best friend and I did to capture these moments. Trust me when I say it’s worth the early alarm and cold wind on your face. Not only do you avoid the crowd of tourists to come, but the view is literally breath-taking (I cry every time HA). Plus without all of the tourists flooding the bridge, you’ll have space to snap that Instagram worthy Brooklyn Bridge/Manhattan skyline pic.

2. Brunch in Brooklyn.

Now maybe I’m partial because I live in Brooklyn, but my favorite brunch spots to date are all located in this lovely borough.  In fact, my go-to brunch spot, Sisters, is only a 10 minute walk from my Clinton Hill home! On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, Sisters not only features a delicious sweet and savory brunch menu (and incredible coffee to warm up from the winter blues), but the atmosphere is a literal city escape. From vast beautiful plants climbing the walls, to a massive skylight illuminating the room, and a bar you will want in your own home, the Sisters aesthetic is brilliant (and Instagram worthy, too)!  Oh, did I mention their love for hosting live music and artists?

A few other fab Brooklyn brunch spots?  Be sure to check out French Louie, Kittery, No.7, Walters and The Black Swan.

3. Sip a fab cocktail.

My fiance always says one of his favorite things about New York is that you can go without a plan, as there are choices on EVERY corner.  BUT when searching for the perfect cocktail to fabulously sip and enjoy, it is great to have a go to spot! I love a good cosmopolitan (though am currently challenging myself to a sober January), but my favorite yet is Onieals Grand Street in SoHo.  Their take on the cosmo is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, plus they feature an extensive house cocktail menu if you’re looking to sip something other then a cosmo. Oh, and did I mention it happens to be the same bar that stood as the backdrop of Scout in Sex & The City (cheers to being a Carrie)!

4. Go shopping!

So this tip likely does not come with much surprise BUT to be honest, shopping in NYC is hard! Between staying on budget, finding pieces uniquely YOU, and dodging shopping tourists it’s a challenge! One of my favorite spots to shop is the Chelsea Market. Each week the market hosts a different sample sale pop-up shop, often featuring designer or retail items that did not make it to mass production or are past season. But honestly, who cares? They are ALWAYS unique pieces at unbelievable prices (before the holidays we picked up the coolest designer sweater for my fiancé for only $20)!

And while at the market, the Artist Fleas is a MUST shop! Featuring local boutique art, fashion, and vintage vendors it is another space to score something different for your wardrobe. In fact, I picked up my two favorite pieces of jewelry from the Artist Fleas Marina Pecoraro Jewelry and would definitely recommend stopping by their space.

But of course, regardless of time and tourists, I still recommend my favorite box retailers like Cenutry 21 and Zara. The locations I frequent (both in the Financial District, around the corner from the Freedom Tower) are a MUST shop for unique, trendy pieces for both work and casual wear while staying on budget.

WOW! That is a lot of NYC all at once BUT certainly are activities that make my NYC winters much more fabulous! Do you have a go to when in the city?

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