3 Steps to Setting (and Achieving) Goals in 2020

How writing out your dreams into an actionable plan leads to success…

Okay, I know it sounds too easy and very cheesy but when you set goals, write them down, and REALLY plan them out, dreams DO come true!

Let me explain…

It’s 2020! And on New Year’s Day I spent my time reviewing the goals I had set for myself in 2019. WOW, was that ever a rewarding experience! At the start of 2019 I FINALLY applied the advice of SO many successful women; I wrote down my goals. This list of goals spent the entire year prominently displayed on the front of my planner, reminding me of my purpose DAILY. If I’m REALLY honest, this small action truly defined the trajectory of 2019 and led to so much success!

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4 Fab Ways to Spend a NYC Winter Day

Chatting over dinner last evening, my fiancé mentioned how depressing daily life can seem post holiday season, especially in these short daylight days. Getting back into a routine post holiday excitement (while knowing your next 4 day weekend likely will not happen until Memorial Day) can be brutal and feel stale. And I think most of us can agree, he is not wrong


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