It’s Fureezing

I’d venture to guess I’m speaking on behalf of more than just myself when I say (that apart for New Years!) January can be extremely dull.  Between the relentless grey sky, dismal weather and bone-chilling wind, the first (and least exciting) month of the year lasts FUREVER!

To brighten up the January blues (or greys, rather), I’ve sought to mix up my winter wardrobe this month.  A wearer of all things neutral, I’m moving away from my go-to basic layering pieces and sweaters (that do nothing for my shape) this season, to interchangeable statement pieces (BUT statement pieces that are still me and can be worn for years to come!). 

untitled (84)
H&M Faux Fur Jacket • H&M • $34.99

ABSOULTELY always obsessed with (faux) fur, when I stumbled upon this leopard print jacket it was truly love at first sight.  Being a curvier woman, my shape is often lost in winter wear.  I love that this jacket has multiple well-placed clasps to be worn partially open, ultimately more flattering to my shape.  It is also the perfect statement piece to dress up a basic top and pants outfit (pictured below), but I’m beyond thrilled to wear it over a dress or jumpsuit for a night out.

ADDED BONUS: this leopard jacket is currently on sale at H&M and you can shop every piece of this look here!

untitled (86)
H&M Faux Fur Jacket • H&M • $34.99

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