GoodBYE What-if Wardrobe

It’s not uncommon for a whirlwind to blow through my closet and separate my clothes seasonally. But regardless of how hard those winds are blowing, there are always a few items I religiously keep season to season in hopes they will fit perfectly following a cleanse or a few more workouts…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever personally been victimized by THAT skirt or THOSE jeans in your closet. You know the ones…they were once your feel good jeans, what-if one day they fit again? And that skirt is in your “dream size”. Whether you’re (like me) on the course to living a healthier life or if you are comfortable and confident in your current shape-let’s be honest, those what-if items are doing more harm than good just hanging there.


I recommend donating those items and focusing on what truly works for your CURRENT body.  So many of us continually wear clothing too small, too large and focus solely on the number or label of S, M, L.

I have a secret…THE SIZE DOESNT MATTER. 

If it fits, it fits and no one knows your size but YOU!

When you are finally wearing something that really fits, you feel comfortable and confident regardless of the tag inside.


Especially when I first began my journey to living a healthier life, I was completely miserable in my jeans. Rather than feeling sorry for myself over uncomfortable jeans, I simply made a change and purchased denim that actually fit in that moment.  Aware my size may change after a few months, I invested in reasonably priced denim that acted as the perfect in-between pant during my journey.  Though now loose around my waist, these same jeans remain stylish enough to currently be worn as baggy, boyfriend jeans too!

Though now loose around my waist, these same jeans remain stylish enough to currently be worn as baggy, boyfriend jeans too!

Whether too big, too small, changing your size or staying the same I challenge you to begin ridding your wardrobe of those items that jump start a pit party!  AND find a few pair of denim you feel confident wearing in the NOW!

Here’s to us all no longer holding onto the what-if and when but rather live (and dress) in the present!

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