New Year, Better Me

Okay, okay call back the search party…

I know I’ve been off the (blogging) grid for some time now so in the spirit of the New Year and resolutions I’m excited to share the latest and greatest things happening at A Grim Sense of Style.

Despite popular opinion of 2017, I personally uncovered last year as a year of self-discovery and ultimately a year of positive self-transformation and ultimately SUCCESS!

BUT it did not begin that way…

Body conscious, surrounded by negativity and under motivated, I was not myself at the start of 2017.   A little over a month into the New Year I was diagnosed with PCOS (explaining much of why I felt the way I did) which spiraled into a last minute (and very delayed) jump onto the resolution bandwagon. Electing to turn a potentially negative life changing discovery into something positive, I knew this was my opportunity to make a transformation.

In purposefully living a healthier lifestyle, rediscovering my motivational and encouraging spirit, losing weight associated with PCOS and redefining how I view my body simply scratch the surface of blessings 2017 handed me.

And society says 2017 was a bad year? Then I’m beyond excited for what 2018 has in store.

SO you wonder how this fits into things here at A Grim Sense of Style?

If 2017 inspired anything in 2018, it is to live an all-around healthier lifestyle focused on self-appreciation. And isn’t that what things here at A Grim Sense of Style were about to begin with–Confidence and loving yourself in the skin (and clothes) you’re in!

So rather than simply offering outfit suggestions I am excited at the fashionable, healthy lifestyle approach A Grim Sense of Style will be taking in 2018.

So- for the health inspired, fashionista with the curves of a Kardashian, I got you girl!

Stay up to date with my latest looks when you follow A Grim Sense of Style, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and on Snapchat at Rachelkgrim7.

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