5 Tips for Staying Motivated During a Mental Health Crisis

by April Hooper

My hands are shaking. 

Maybe it’s the nerves and anxiety coursing through me (or maybe it’s just the coffee). Either way, when I’m feeling anxious or sad and my mental health is NOT at its best, getting work done is almost impossible. My creativity plummets, and my motivation hides like a good find at a thrift store. I take ANY opportunity to distract myself with Netflix or social media (TikTok is my weakness). 

Somedays, having low productivity is okay; we ALL deserve a break every now and then. But other days, we need a little spark of inspiration, a push in the right direction. If that’s how you’re feeling, then you’ve come to the right place…

My first tip to combat the motivation void is this: 

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Motivation @ its Core

As I’ve shared prior, last year was truly my year!  Completely altering my routine to focus on living an all-around healthier lifestyle seems to have peaked with results in 2017 and has left me plateauing in the fitness department thus far in 2018.

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New Year, Better Me

Okay, okay call back the search party…

I know I’ve been off the (blogging) grid for some time now so in the spirit of the New Year and resolutions I’m excited to share the latest and greatest things happening at A Grim Sense of Style.

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