Motivation @ its Core

As I’ve shared prior, last year was truly my year!  Completely altering my routine to focus on living an all-around healthier lifestyle seems to have peaked with results in 2017 and has left me plateauing in the fitness department thus far in 2018.

SO to motivate and inspire myself to make more moves in 2018 I did what any fashionista would do…

I bought I new outfit!

As if that did not inspire me enough, I asked my super health conscious fiancé, to utilize his skills as a physical therapist to curate for me an updated fitness plan focusing on my core (where I would like to see results within the upcoming months).  This plan in conjunction with continual healthy eating habits is guaranteed to result in a more defined core.

But to REALLY push me forward, I’ve called on my girl squad to help me out!!!  As if we didn’t text enough, we now send each other photos of our latest recipe hacks, blood-pumping musical suggestions for the gym and most importantly positive and empowering words holding each other accountable to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

So really, my three favorite things in life motivate me to be my best self:

  1. Clothes
  2. My fiancé
  3. My girls

Can life get much better?

What is your greatest motivator when your progress seems to plateau?

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