Brrrrring on Spring

I am welcoming Spring with VERY open arms, but sadly that doesn’t change the bitter cold and snow currently ruling the East Coast.

But as the saying goes…

 “When you can’t change circumstances, change your perspective.”

So here is me embracing the new Spring season in all of its 40 degree glory!

untitled (71)And what better way to do so than to style my latest and greatest end-of-season-sale find into my Spring wardrobe…cue the Buffalo Plaid Pullover.

To steer clear of appearing “country” (don’t get me wrong, I am a born and raised country girl), I paired my new favorite plaid with leather leggings for an added edge and completed the style with my mock-Timberland boots for a touch of attitude.

This look doubled as lazy yet stylish Sunday brunch wear while also comfortable for adventurous outings around the city throughout the day.

Because most retailors are currently clearing their shelves for spring and summer items, many of these pieces are currently on sale and can be picked up to wear NOW or to add to your closet as wardrobe staples (leather leggings, wink-wink).

Stay up to date with my latest looks when you follow A Grim Sense of Style, follow me on Instagram and on Snapchat at Rachelkgrim7.

And YES! I REALLY changed my hair.  Check back later this week for my tips & tricks on achieving and maintaining bold blondes!

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