An Ode to Stacy London

As a growing professional in the fashion realm, I’ve discovered people curiously question your chosen career path and the inspirations behind it.  Like most decisions, there are countless reasons which influenced my choice to take the high road in heels ( yearning for women to see how beautiful they really are, the urging I have for the discovery of self-confidence in these same women, the artistic and creative nature of the industry, and multiple additional factors!).


But I must admit a great inspirer to my love of wardrobe styling is the hit TLC series “What Not To Wear” and more particularly, stylist Stacy London (you know, the one who rocked the grey hair before grey hair was cool?).  I love curling up to watch “What Not To Wear” reruns and I even channel my inner Stacy London when reviewing wardrobes!

“What Not To Wear” has been off the air since 2013, and I take every chance I get to learn more about Stacy London’s latest fashion-ventures  (she just launched a charitable baseball-cap line with Epaulet New York!). So when I stumbled upon her latest article on Refiney29 “How I Moved On From My ‘What Not To Wear Style’ I was beyond excited and deem it a MUST READ!

“Now, of course, not all clothes and not all trends are appropriate for everyone. I spent years and years telling everybody yes to this, no to that. But when I started to ask myself if a dress was too short or showed too much skin or the eye shadow I wanted was a little too bright, I realized my style wasn’t in Kansas anymore….I’ve been dying to wear that LoveShackFancy pink cotton tiered halter minidress that I got at the sample sale. But every time I put it on I laugh, proof positive that my brain has NOT caught up to my age. She (my young girl brain) still loves too much sparkle and skirts that twirl. But…For me, that dress simply reinforces that I may not act my age, but I can’t avoid aging. I can make choices that allow me connections with people younger than myself, but I am no longer young.” -Stacy London

*Photo Courtesy of Refinery29 “How I Moved On From My What Not To Wear Style”

Her intelligent discussion on modern feminism in fashion, as well as her modern styling perspectives caught my attention-particularly her explanation of the adaptation she has discovered in her wardrobe as she has aged.

I admit I AM that 20 something she refers to in the little dress for a night out-but when I’m not, I AM also the androgynous feminist she refers to as herself.  I know she’s 47 and I am in my 20s, but I feel myself and countless fashionistas can relate her perspectives to ours. Stacy London has finally forced me to ask myself the question I’ve been hiding inside for too long…

Why is it I often feel too old to shop the “juniors department” yet too young to shop women’s wear?

Because as a 20-something, I am an odd combination of the juniors and women’s section combined.

Channeling my inner Stacy London, I’d argue it is unnecessary to choose between one or the other and confining yourself is silly. If the item fits, is trendy and age appropriate for YOU, the brand or department is unimportant.  I always say it doesn’t matter what size you’re wearing-if it fits, it fits.  So I guess I should start to say it doesn’t matter where you find an item-if it works, it works.

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