New Year, New(ish) Wardrobe: MUST Shop Semi Annual Sales

I know it’s cliche to say but seriously…how is it 2019? This holiday season was a whirlwind AND honestly the very best yet. I firmly believe in foreshadowing, and this season has simply been preparation for an incredible year ahead.

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It’s Fureezing

I’d venture to guess I’m speaking on behalf of more than just myself when I say (that apart for New Years!) January can be extremely dull.  Between the relentless grey sky, dismal weather and bone-chilling wind, the first (and least exciting) month of the year lasts FUREVER!

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GoodBYE What-if Wardrobe

It’s not uncommon for a whirlwind to blow through my closet and separate my clothes seasonally. But regardless of how hard those winds are blowing, there are always a few items I religiously keep season to season in hopes they will fit perfectly following a cleanse or a few more workouts…

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