Ditch the Clique ONLINE

In my most recent email newsletter I shared how I’m spending my quarantine time. Yes I’ve rearranged my office, caught up on my favorite reality TV shows, and dressed up for NO REASON, but this extra time at home REALLY has me doing A LOT of thinking. Particularly I’ve been thinking about what motivates us as women.  Sure, I’ve thought about this before, but now more than EVER I truly recognize the importance of connection. GIRL I don’t know about YOU, but I know I am much more inspired and empowered to be the best me (AND go after my dreams) when I’m surrounded by other empowered, inspired, and motivated women!

This thought comes at a funny time seeing as I launched my Ditch the Clique event series in 2019 for this very purpose…powerful CONNECTION!

If you don’t know, Ditch the Clique is an event series I launched last year to bring together REAL women to inspire and empower each other.  Ditch the Clique defies age, race, size, and career by uniting women who simply want more confidence to pursue and achieve their dreams.  And like I said, now more than ever THIS is what we need! 

Learn ALL about Ditch the Clique HERE

It breaks my heart that at a time when we need it most, I’m physically unable to bring Ditch the Clique to you and your community. But like any obstacle ever, I won’t let this stop me! I am confident this is exactly what YOU and I need, so why not give YOU and so many women virtual connection NOW?  For the first time I’m taking Ditch the Clique ONLINE (for FREE) and would love nothing more than for YOU to be there! Though this goes against the Ditch the Clique mission of uniting women IN REAL LIFE, I firmly believe this is the confidence boost we need to be the best and most inspiring version of ourselves in quarantine and BEYOND!

Remember, this FREE online event is open to women ALL women, whether you’ve attended a Ditch the Clique event before or not! So do yourself a favor and set aside an hour of quarantine time on Saturday April 18th at 1pm to connect with other women over the confidence boosting guided conversation YOU crave NOW!

Sign up now to join me and so many wonderful women on Saturday April 18th at 1pm!

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