Ditch the Clique

Rachel knows the BEST way to connect women of all ages, races, sizes, and career paths, is through moving connection offline and in person.  Rachel connects communities of women with her personal, impactful and interactive presentation guaranteed to empower a positive mindset shift.

If you’re a workplace, event, or community looking for female connection, Rachel’s powerful message is exactly what you need! To inspire your guests to level up and pursue their dreams, Rachel shares her  personal journey to finding self confidence alongside daily tips to doing so. This includes her original concepts Trash It, Post It and a message customized to your audience, leaving them inspired and empowered to achieve their goals.

In 2013 Rachel’s world, self confidence, and motivation came crashing down when her  family lost their home (and seemingly EVERYTHING) during her college years.  But by reclaiming her story and surrounding herself with other empowered women, she rediscovered her confidence and drive to achieve.  Rachel now shares her inspiring story to empower women to move above and beyond their circumstance in pursuit of their dreams personally, professionally, and relationally.

Ditch the Clique COMMUNITYEmpowered EmployeesDitch the Clique The Featured Female
– Weekly one-on-one goal planning sessions and check-ins with Rachel
– Monthly Ditch the Clique virtual events with ALL Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY members
– Rachel’s goal-getting resources, including Reading Recommendations and a Podcast Playlist 
– Access to a private Facebook Group exclusive to the COMMUNITY for connection and accountability
– A complimentary digital styling/shopping session with Style N Motion PLUS free shipping from the brand ALL month long! 
– Access to a virtual group fitness class hosted by Drum-Late Fitness
– Complimentary VIP access to any LIVE, in-person Ditch the Clique event
– And MORE!
– Empowering messages and confidence boosting lifestyle tips for use in personal and professional life. 
– A more engaged and cohesive team, prepared to better support each other!
– 3 hours of Rachel (1 hour  devoted to interactive speaking)
-Customized promotional materials 
-Social media promotion of your business via Rachel’s platform
– The opportunity to bring a diverse group of women from YOUR community together in one place. 
– A new customer/shopping base
– Wardrobe tips and lifestyle tricks from Rachel to your customers. 
– 3 hours of Rachel (1 hour devoted to interactive speaking)
– Customized promotional materials
– Social Media promotion of your business via Rachel’s platform.
– Rachel’s keynote speaker interactive chat
– Applicable tips to achieving goals and tricks to living a more empowered life
– 3 hours of Rachel (1 hour devoted to interactive speaking)
– Customized promotional materials 
– Social media promotion of your event via Rachel’s platform