It’s Hard to Admit But It’s Time for Change

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve shifted my focus recently…

There I said it!

I’ve shifted from exclusively focusing on the blog to channeling my energy into my in-person and online event series and community, Ditch the Clique.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving THIS space!

When I started this blog YEARS ago, it began as a fashionable way to remind women (just like YOU) how incredibly beautiful and powerful they are! And I’m SO proud to admit that A Grim Sense of Style has done just that. But as it has grown, I’ve discovered just how many MORE women I have the ability to impact when I broaden my content to the OVERARCHING theme of empowerment and inspiration.

You may know that at the end of 2019 I took the idea of inspiring and empowering this community to the next level by launching Ditch the Clique. Ditch the Clique is an in-person event series that has since expanded to an online community for women to get inspired and leave empowered. Uniting REAL women through connective conversation and interactive activities, Ditch the Clique defies age, race, size, and career while providing women goal-getting tools and dream-achieving inspiration! At in-person and online Ditch the Clique events, guests are met with inspiring stories of REAL women who have overcome circumstance with an empowered community by their side. Finding confidence and connection in MY story, and stories shared by other empowered ladies, women are invited to join interactive conversation and activities touching on topics such as self image, relationship building, and goal setting. Ultimately, Ditch the Clique equips women (just like YOU) with the power, tools, and COMMUNITY necessary to move out of uncertainty and into the life they dream!

And GIRL— I’m REALLY proud of that!

But as I said, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving this blog behind! Because if I’m REALLY honest, it all goes hand in hand! Let me reassure you, I will continue to share inspiring fashionable content HERE, while also keeping you up to date on all things Ditch the Clique!

And speaking of keeping you up to date…

I’m hosting a Ditch the Clique ONLINE event Saturday May 30th and want YOU to be there! If you’re looking for words of empowerment, you’re looking to strengthen your community, or you’re simply looking for a change of pace during quarantine, this FREE event is for YOU! GIRL, I promise it’s THE way to begin achieving the life you dream in quarantine and BEYOND!

Plus, I would LOVE nothing more than to connect with you on a deeper level at Ditch the Clique so be sure to sign up here!

*All photos and wardrobe courtesy of Style N Motion

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