3 tips to start your day in a positive way!

Every New Year it’s the same thing. We’re made to believe as soon as the clock strikes 12:01am, we’re instantly a new and improved version of ourselves! And while becoming the BEST version of you IS possible (especially when surrounded by an inspiring, empowering COMMUNITY), it takes hard work and an even better mindset!

GIRL it’s taken me YEARS to develop a routine that REALLY gets me going in the “right” direction daily. But because I believe in empowering YOU with resources to live YOUR dream, I’m excited to share my 3 quick tips to kickstarting your day!

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Why your selfcare routine is for more than just skincare…

TO BE HONEST the BEST part of my day involves my hair and skincare routine!

And after sharing this realization with YOU on Instagram, I’m confident I’m not alone! And GIRL, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you and I LOVE this time of our day for more than just the products or routine – we love the time spent on US!

But before I dive into THAT, let me explain exactly how I came to this realization…

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How I’m feeling after one year of marriage…

And just like that, I’m celebrating my first wedding anniversary…WILD! It honestly feels like just yesterday my best friend and I were being married by my dad at an intimate Central Park ceremony surrounded by 25 of our closest family and friends. And as much as I’ve always hated when women say “my wedding was the best day of my life” it really, truly was.

But as mentioned in my post 8 Years Later I (FINALLY) Married My Best Friend (but it wasn’t always easy), it REALLY isn’t always easy. We’ve had our moments and guess what? We still do! We’ve never been ones to do things traditionally— we told almost no one about the wedding, and at times felt as though people and finances were against us. Hell, just months before the wedding we felt “against” each other as we sorted through “are you really my one and only, forever?” And I know…that’s hard to read (and I promise, even harder to write) but I say it because 1. It’s the truth and 2. People just don’t talk about THAT very important and trying part of marriage.

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