Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY

Okay I admit, I’ve been keeping a secret…

Since launching Ditch the Clique in 2019, I’ve received incredible feedback from a diverse group of women requesting MORE! Following each in-person or online event, women repeatedly ask for more connection and more inspiration BEYOND the event. So (of course) I listened, and have spent the past few months creating EXACTLY what women (just like you) want and need…

Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY

Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY is a monthly subscription service and an extension of the Ditch the Clique event series.  This online community is designed to provide women deeper connection and accountability BEYOND a Ditch the Clique event. Virtual monthly meetings, personalized weekly check-in’s, access to goal-getting resources and much more provide the healing connection, inspiration, and dream-achieving tools women want and need. Plus, rewarding perks like discounts to shop featured female owned brands, and VIP access to in-person Ditch the Clique events are included too!

As you can imagine, I’m unbelievably excited to FINALLY share and launch this COMMUNITY with YOU! For me, consciously surrounding myself with powerful, inspiring women who provide me the tools and motivation to keep going has pushed me closer and closer to achieving my dream. And GIRL that’s exactly what I want Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY to do for YOU!

Learn more about Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY here.

If YOU need encouragement and accountability to continue pursuing your goals (whether those goals pertain to your career, health, or personal life/relationship) consider joining Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY. For just $12 a month (and currently on sale for $10 a month) I promise this COMMUNITY membership is just what you’ve been looking for.

Oh & GIRL, I’d love for you to follow along here at Ditch the Clique! Plus, subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram for more inspiring stories and empowering words!

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