3 Summer Styles to Add to Your Wardrobe NOW

When I wrote my Spring Style blog post, I was CERTAIN COVID restrictions were coming to an end! I was confident life would be back to “normal” by summer…and…here we are. Although New York City is on the brink of normalcy with retailers and restaurants slowly reopening (within restriction of course), I’m ready to show off my summer style NOW (even if it is just for dinner with my husband or socially distant drinks with friends on my stoop).

One of the BEST things I’ve done for myself during quarantine is edit my wardrobe. Over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself the important wardrobe questions like what colors am I drawn too? What fabrics do I find most comfortable (and sweat the least in LOL)? What styles make me feel the most ME?

Honestly, purging my closet like this and slowly filling in with items that truly answer those questions has made styling for summer (and every season to come) so much easier! In fact, if you had the chance to check out my Spring Style blog post, you’ll notice some of these items and trends carry over from my spring wardrobe and I LOVE THAT! What a great way to save, style sustainably, and stay on brand (LOL)!

Matching Sets

Matching Sets have been a seasonal favorite of mine for a few years now and if I’m really honest, I keep gravitating to them more and more! Sets are at the top of my Summer Style list for many reasons, but I especially love that a set is practically 3 looks in one! Think about it…a set can be worn together, the top can be paired with a different bottom, or the bottom and can be mixed and matched with a tank or crop top! Sets are also a great way to welcome unique colors or patterns into your summer wardrobe! But be selective with your color and/or pattern choice, assuring it is easily mix and match-able with the colors and clothes already hanging in your closet.

Platform Sandals

Cute but comfortable shoes are a MUST in the city (or, well EVERYWHERE), and the summer is no exception! Over the last 2 years, I’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love with platform shoes (thanks Dr. Martens) and am excited to channel that obsession into my summer style, too! I’ve found that platform sandals are the PERFECT way to elevate a look (and YOU) while still keeping cool and comfortable. Recently I was gifted a pair of shining silver platforms from the NEW “Silver Linings” Nakedfeet collection and WOW! They’re supportive for strolling the streets, impeccably designed, and SUPER fab when simply romping around the house too! I personally can’t wait to get my hands (or, well…feet) on another pair soon!


Okay, okay, I know denim sounds like the exact opposite of what you want to wear this summer but GIRL. Wouldn’t you agree we ALL need a good pair of denim for cooler summer evenings or nights out at the beach? Being a curvy girl, I know first hand the struggle of finding jeans that both fit well and look good. So when I find the PERFECT pair for summer and BEYOND, you better believe I’m going to share them with you!

After hearing A LOT of hype around the Levi’s Ribcage Straight denim, I decided what better time to give them a try? I’ll be honest…when they first arrived, I nervously opened the package already doubting they would compliment my curvy figure. But GIRL. Was I wrong!!! In my opinion, the Levi’s Ribcage Straight pair that classic denim structure with a little stretch to hug the hips and booty, leaving you the perfect amount of wiggle room too. I swear these jeans are MAGIC! I love the idea of pairing them with a tank and platforms for a night out, or with a T shirt and sneakers for a cool, casual, summer day.

I hope my Summer Style tips inspire YOU & your wardrobe this season! Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below what style YOU are most excited to work into your summer wardrobe!

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