What I’m Wearing AFTER Quarantine

Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing my best to live in the NOW and appreciate the little things, BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not still dreaming about life after quarantine.

In fact, I’ve recently caught myself day dreaming about the food I’ll eat, friends I’ll hug, and places I’ll travel post quarantine and THAT’S OKAY! I mean, we all need something to look forward to, right? Personally, I think as long as we allow dreaming about life after quarantine to motivate us rather than discourage us, it’s absolutely healthy and OKAY!

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And like the true fashionista I am, I can’t help but dream about what I’m going to wear after quarantine, too! Creating outfits that express my personality and mood is an artistic and inspirational outlet for me, so it seems like a fair addition to my list of post quarantine dreams!

But the question is…what am I wearing after quarantine?

  1. Soft colors and light fabrics

Sadly, this season of quarantine has meant skipping much of Spring but GIRL, I’m not skipping Spring style! In fact, I am gravitating toward soft colors and light fabrics for my post quarantine wardrobe. Cotton candy hues, white, and pastels in materials like linen, cotton and other airy fabrics are sure to be a welcome change from thick sweatpants and pjs!

2. Monochromatic ‘fits

Clearly, quarantine life has set our “new normal” to wearing comfy outfits that are quickly and easily paired together. And a monochromatic look is JUST the way to do that in STYLE! Not only is it quick to style, but a monochromatic look is effortlessly chic while minimizing the number of items in your wardrobe, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting having a wardrobe of one exclusive color BUT if your wardrobe consists of coordinating colors, you can create more looks out of fewer pieces!

3. Bold (yet comfortable) footwear

As if life after quarantine isn’t already exciting enough, I can’t wait to mix things up by wearing a shoe other than slippers! So to keep a monochromatic ‘fit in soft colors and light fabrics interesting, try pairing looks with bold but comfortable footwear! Sneakers, slip-ons, mules, and sandals in fun colors and chunky silhouettes are the perfect effortless accessory post quarantine!

What styles are you most excited to wear after quarantine? And apart from wearing out a killer style, what are you generally MOST excited to do?

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