What I’ve Learned in (almost) 10 Weeks of Quarantine

Honestly, it’s crazy to think we’re approaching 10 WEEKS of quarantine here in NYC (and in much of the country too!) If you had told me at the start of 2020 I would spend 10 weeks isolated in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, with no personal or physical interaction apart from my relationship, well…let’s just say I’d FOR SURE say “I won’t survive it!”

But over these last 10 weeks, I’ve surprised myself…

Not only have I survived this season of quarantine but I’ve THRIVED! You see, after allowing myself a period of time to grieve my VERY extrovert lifestyle, I started focusing my energy on spreading positivity over negativity! Don’t get me wrong…it’s had REALLY difficult moments but overall, I’m SO thankful for how these last 10 weeks have played out. I’ve not only had the incredible opportunity to connect on a deeper level with this online community, my family, and friends (which is wild seeing as our connection is currently exclusively virtual), but I’ve learned SO much!

Here’s the thing…

I believe when we embrace a situation with positivity, we open ourselves to new opportunity. So to inspire you to do the same throughout the rest of quarantine and BEYOND, I’m excited to share with you 10 things I’ve learned during 10 weeks of quarantine (some are serious, some funny, and some sentimental).

10 things I’ve learned in (almost) 10 weeks of quarantine…

  1. Having a designated work space truly inspires both hard work and concentration.
  2. I DO have the time. I just wasn’t making the time.
  3. Movement = Happiness
  4. Biking in NYC is just as terrifying as I thought it would be.
  5. NYC is nothing without its people.
  6. Physically crafting and creating ALWAYS sparks inspiration and joy.
  7. Crisis amplifies division.
  8. Feeling good is to looking good as looking good is to feeling good.
  9. Almost everything is a choice.
  10. Positivity ALWAYS trumps negativity.

But what about YOU! What have you learned about yourself or your community in quarantine that has shifted your perspective? We’d all love to know in the comments below!

*Photo edits by Joshua Lindquist of Quistpix Photography.

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