Is Sustainability For You? Q&A with Claire Shay

I don’t know about you, but to me, sustainability is INTIMIDATING. It’s such a broad term that encompasses so much of our everyday lives, from the food we eat to the trash we throw out to our power sources… EVERYTHING! Because of my lack of knowledge, I’ve always been hesitant to venture into that world. I feel like I don’t know enough, or have enough money to participate in this lifestyle, or have enough influence to make a difference. But my mindset has begun to change…

I wanted to learn more about sustainability, but one question plagued me: where do I even begin? 

That’s when I reached out to sustainability writer, Claire Shay, who recently released her first book called Reinventing Sustainability. And GIRL did I learn A LOT! Here’s what Claire had to say!

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What Happens When You Lose Your Purpose With Claire Shay

by April Hooper

In life, we have the power to choose A LOT of things – our friends, our outfits, our goals – but  Claire Shay, she got to choose something most of us had no say in: her name

Claire Shay is a blogger, author, content creator, and influencer with a focus on living sustainably and dressing fashionably. Born in Taiwan, raised in Los Angeles, and now living in New York City, Claire has TRULY seen it all!

Growing up, Claire Shay always felt her Mandarin name just didn’t fit. She wanted something that represented HER, so she chose a new one: Claire. Even MORE powerful? As an adult, she has decided to change the spelling of her last name to “Shay”, marking a new beginning of exploring what she is truly passionate about.  

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YES It’s True- I’ve Started a Podcast

I mean…all the cool kids are doing it, right? (YEAH because THAT‘s why I do anything…HAHAHA!!!)

Truth is, I LOVE sharing my experiences and tips HERE and on social media in hopes of inspiring YOU to take the first steps in pursuit of your goals. But these platforms only go so far…I believe we need REAL conversation and connection and a podcast seems like the BEST way to provide that for you!

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