YES It’s True- I’ve Started a Podcast

I mean…all the cool kids are doing it, right? (YEAH because THAT‘s why I do anything…HAHAHA!!!)

Truth is, I LOVE sharing my experiences and tips HERE and on social media in hopes of inspiring YOU to take the first steps in pursuit of your goals. But these platforms only go so far…I believe we need REAL conversation and connection and a podcast seems like the BEST way to provide that for you!

Fun fact: I actually started a podcast LAST YEAR…and to be honest, it was very well received…BUT I quickly ran out of steam. Sure, I was sharing my passion for empowerment but it felt like I was sharing the same thing I already share…MY experiences.

…and then I had an idea…

I don’t know about YOU, but I believe the powerful moves of women in my circle continually motivate me to step outside my comfort zone in pursuit of my dreams. And I know I’m not alone in that! So to inspire me & YOU, I’m sharing the stories of REAL women who are making a difference in their communities, industries, and the WORLD! These are women of all ages, races, sizes, and career paths who are standout and SO inspiring! I hope each guests unique journey will inspire and empower YOU to up level in whatever area of life it is you’re looking to grow!

Check out The REAL Women of 20(20) Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, or wherever you listen to podcasts! And be sure to subscribe for weekly episodes straight to you!

Listen to episode 1 of The REAL Women of 20(20) Podcast featuring sustainability blogger and financier, Claire Shay NOW!

Listen to episode 2 of The REAL Women of 20(20) Podcast featuring Nurse Bri NOW!

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