My fight with Adult Acne

I remember it like it was yesterday (though in reality it was 10 years ago)...

I was in college while simultaneously working a fulltime retail job (bless you past Rachel) and (at the risk of sounding braggy,) the compliments on my skin by strangers were a regular occurrence. To be REALLY honest, I didn’t get the hype….until my skin was no longer clear, smooth, and soft.

Just as clear skin was once my norm, so became my inflamed, hormonal cystic acne ridden chin and cheeks. Almost overnight I developed adult acne (I would later discover it as a result of living with PCOS) and was suddenly self conscious in a way I’d never experienced before!

And better yet, I had zero time or knowledge to fix it.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! Little did past Rachel know the resources available to aid women just like me on the journey to a more confident complexion. Fast forward to today where I proactively spend my time, knowledge and money on skincare that makes me look as confident on the outside as I feel on the inside! And GIRL I want that for YOU too!

my skin unedited, unfiltered, with no makeup in studio lighting (shot in portrait mode) two weeks after treatment

While resources on quality skincare may not be fore everyone, I know it is for someone. And THAT is why I’m thrilled to share with YOU my experience at The Skincare Coach

While enjoying a post vaccine getaway from the city to visit my family in Pennsylvania, I stopped by The Skincare Coach in Lemoyne PA for a facial from my friend Nadine. Nadine is a long-time supporter of Ditch the Clique AND just like us, she is a firm believer in boosting the confidence of the women around her (but in her own unique way – with quality skincare!) As a fellow woman in business, I was so impressed by the personalization of my experience, particularly the amount of time she spent with me! She truly went the extra mile.

Let’s talk details…

Seeing as this was my first time visiting Nadine for her MVP facial, she spent extra time diving deep in conversation during our consultation to uncover my skincare needs and concerns. Ultimately this led to her personalizing the treatment to target my problem areas including around my mouth full of acne scarring texture and my inflamed/irritated/dry/red skin. Between the oils, mini peel, and microdermabrasion I honestly can’t pick a favorite part of my 2 hour experience with Nadine. But I do know that immediately after the facial I already noticed less textured skin spots, dryness and redness!!! To top it off, she sent me home with a product regime personalized to my skin needs that, two weeks later, has my skin looking the most clear, smooth, and soft it has in YEARS!

selfie taken immediately after service

If your skin is draining your confidence rather than growing it, I’m here to remind you that you have resources like Nadine and The Skincare Coach at your fingertips! Do your research, book a consultation, and ASK QUESTIONS! Because GIRL, you deserve to look as good on the outside as your feel inside too!

who is Rachel?

Rachel K. Grim is the Brooklyn New York based blogger, speaker, and empowerHER behind the event series and online community Ditch the Clique. In 2019 Rachel launched Ditch the Clique to empower REAL women of all ages, races, sizes, and careers with goal-getting resources to live the life they dream! When she’s not scheming new ways to grow the Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY, Rachel can be found eating and shopping her way through New York City, traveling abroad, or watching binge-worthy reality television (with a glass of prosecco in hand, of course)!  

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This post is sponsored by The Skincare Coach but all opinions are my own.

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