Autumn Essentials Part 2: Winter Dresses

GOOD NEWS-Alongside Part 2 of my Autumn Essentials collection comes much more “Fally” weather!  Leaves are lining the streets of the city, and fall fashion is ruling the sidewalks like a runway.  We are living in perfect temperatures where sweaters and light jackets can be worn without sweating like crazy or shivering from the cold…and this is reason number 76,982,345 dresses are my go to for fall!

On the same fall shopping spree at which I scored my go-to fall blazer from Part 1 of this series, I stumbled upon this dress.  I was hesitant to try on this sweater dress because…well…it’s a sweater dress and I found myself asking “are sweater dresses even cool anymore?”. 

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Autumn Essentials Part 1: Boyfriend Blazers

Can we all agree we are living in the best season of the year?  On an average day the temperature stays between 60 and 70 degrees, both a sweater and shorts can be worn in the same day (but not together of course), and there is less sweating waiting for the subway (notice I say LESS sweating).

LOVE fall and know you all do as well!  But one thing is for sure-I’ve heard from many of you that fall is simultaneously your favorite yet most difficult season to style.  That seems so unfair seeing as half of feeling your best is looking your best!  So to keep fall at the top of everyone’s list, I’ve put together the autumn essentials styling series.  Featuring my fall favorites, this series focuses on pieces that are interchangeable between business casual and weekend wear.

And the best news is, YOU’RE ALREADY HERE so let’s get started…

Fall Wardrobe Essentials Blazer 1

You may recall from my jumpsuit confessional that I am ALWAYS hot (I know, gross right?), so I love the cooler temperatures and breeze of fall.  But the season’s super cool mornings followed by scorching afternoons are more common than not.  That is why my NUMBER 1 essential perfectly interchangeable between work and play this season is the boyfriend blazer.  This total GIRL-POWER style blazer is a layering essential transitional from morning to evening, from dressier work events to casual happy hours, and styled perfectly with a top and bottom or even a dress! Also notice this look is styled with jeans seeing as many of you are able to wear denim for work (LUCKY), but I have included options for those of us not so fortunate, too!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials Blazer 2

As if this blazer is not perfect enough on its own, layering with this basic dressy Express tee completes the style.  Both super trendy and lightweight, this top provides breathability beneath the blazer.  It is also still professional when worn alone and can dress up a casual weekend look as well!

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Sneakers & The City

Isn’t it funny how people often know you’re on your way to your dreams before you do?  I vividly remember telling my coworkers in Philadelphia I was moving to New York City, and conveyed my excitement  but expressed more nerves than anything.  And I will never forget when one of my coworkers said “who are you kidding, you’ve KNOWN you’re meant to be there!  New York is YOUR place!”

and to tell you the truth, I haven’t looked back since.

During the years spent dreaming of being a New Yorker (and by years I mean YEARS!) I lived for visits to the city as well as for reruns of my all time favorite show, Sex & The City.  I spent college nights living vicariously through Carrie as she trotted down Manhattan streets in Manolo Blahniks while planning my next outfit around the latest New York trends.  Flash forward and just as my coworker said, New York has since become my place where those day dreams are coming true!

But since becoming a New Yorker I’ve discovered a harsh reality…

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