Autumn Essentials Part 2: Winter Dresses

GOOD NEWS-Alongside Part 2 of my Autumn Essentials collection comes much more “Fally” weather!  Leaves are lining the streets of the city, and fall fashion is ruling the sidewalks like a runway.  We are living in perfect temperatures where sweaters and light jackets can be worn without sweating like crazy or shivering from the cold…and this is reason number 76,982,345 dresses are my go to for fall!

On the same fall shopping spree at which I scored my go-to fall blazer from Part 1 of this series, I stumbled upon this dress.  I was hesitant to try on this sweater dress because…well…it’s a sweater dress and I found myself asking “are sweater dresses even cool anymore?”. 

The answer my friends is YES!

Autumn Essentials Dress Part 2

Because I am shorter I often stray from longer lengths, but I love the shape and cut of this dress!  Unlike the typical sweater dress, this piece is perfectly fitted and flattering to my curves.  Cutting in at my waist, it is slimming especially with the detailing of the tie front (I love the ability to make it a bit more snug around my waist with this tie, too!).  I also love the length of this dress!  Hitting just below the knee, this dress is perfect for both a business casual work environment and weekend wear!  And although I am always hot, this material is not!  Certainly it is a soft sweater material but lighter and more breathable than traditional sweater dresses for those extra warm moments in the office or waiting for the subway.


Here I have linked my sweater dress and other similar styles for the fall season (BONUS the Anthropologie sweater dress is ON SALE!!!) My favorite boots (both black and white, of course) are included and perfectly interchangeable between work and play.

What are trends you love that you sometimes talk yourself out of wearing? This season, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try them on.  You never know what you may love!

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