VDay, MeDay

Whether you love it or hate it, you have a special someone to celebrate with or you’re planning a Galentines Day event  with your girls (thank you Leslie Knope)-there is one thing we can agree on.  You love YOU, am I right?  Certainly this romantic day should include your girlfriends or significant other if you choose, but even as a woman in a relationship I am a proponent for celebrating myself and I am beyond excited to encourage self love ESPECIALLY on Valentines Day.

So many of us elect to hate on this holiday for various reasons and that’s okay!  BUT if we can adapt the best parts of Vday (if you will) to be more of a MeDay, our perspective would be completely transformed and entirely more positive!

The most beautiful part of this transformation?

So long Valentines Day stereotypes! Simply treat yo self (yet another nod to Parks and Rec)!  This may look like scheduling a mani/pedi appointment, booking that trip you’ve been dying to take or treating yourself to lunch followed by a day of shopping (my favorite). Why? Because you are awesome and you deserve it!

And that’s EXACTLY what I did!


Following a solo lunch date, I took myself shopping because whether spending the day solo, with friends or my fiancé dressing my BEST makes any great day better!

Now I know I just said we can stray from VDay stereotypes here but I did the exact opposite.  So I decided to treat myself with this curated look completely in pink for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been wanting to branch out from the basic neutral colors I wear daily.
  2. Trending from Fashion Week, I’ve been inspired by bold pink, monochromatic looks.  I already owned the pink sweater and dressed it up with some accessories on my MeDay trip.


And if I may add a third reason…EVERY piece in this outfit can be worn again for a different occasion (this MeDay stuff really is a win-win!).  Though bold and bright, this sweater is the perfect cut to be worn to work when styled correctly.  As for the pink shoes, I am SO excited to have them as a pop of color when paired with a black dress or even styled with denim and a blazer!

Sure I’m looking forward to fondue and champagne with my man this Valentines Day but there’s something about spending some extra time celebrating me and I can’t recommend it enough!  Treat yo self (maybe with your favorite episode of Parks and Rec too)!

What is your favorite way to celebrate YOU?

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2 thoughts on “VDay, MeDay

  1. This Vday is going to be a meday that’s for sure! I have a lush bath bomb I have been hoarding for an occasion just like Valentines as well as some other pampering self love yoga and a fruity tea since I am still sick the bottle of wine will have to wait! I just Love Parks and rec what a great show! I’m loving the references.


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