Who, What, WORK, Wear

Dress for the career you want, not the job you have.

SO much truth in that statement, am I right?

A business casual dress code really seems to rule the working world, and with so many women working in business casual settings, it feels as though we’ve lost touch with the “business” and rely majorly on the “casual”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m OBSESSED with the casual street wear vibe ruling the fashion world right now BUT I also still believe in the difference between business and casual wear.

I mean if you can get away with leggings in the workplace, I DON’T BLAME YOUBUT, the way a casual item like this is styled within the workplace is SO important in order to maintain professionalism.

And to prove this can be done, I’ve curated this look with a few tips on putting something similar together yourself and (YES) I’ve worn it to work!

Work Wear 1

Tip 1. Spend the extra few dollars on thicker leggings, it REALLY does count!  Not only will they last longer but you won’t have to worry about anything peaking through!

Tip 2. Pair them with a longer, more sophisticated top for added professionalism.  Here, I paired both a longer button down and a longer vest with leggings.

Tip 3. Style with a dressier shoe to finish.

Work Wear 2

I’d love to know your go-to trick for professional casual wear at work!

And if I may get on my soap box for 1 MINUTE

I’ve heard from some women lately who are dressing to impress in the workplace, but they are receiving negative attitude for looking TOO nice from their peers!  Ladies, can we all agree on one thing here?  Compliment your sister! Build each other up! A simple compliment goes a long way. That is all.

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